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Increasing the Battery Life on Google Android Tablets and Smartphones

A lot of tablets, and smartphones use a lot of battery power which sucks up power, and make your battery life shorter while also increasing your electricity bill because you are always charging your mobile devices with your Wall power charger which uses electricity. It is pretty easy to make your Smartphone or Tablet running Google Android use less power. Having better battery life means you can read longer, talk with friends longer, and play more game levels while using your devices.

Saving battery power can be as simple as installing and using an app like JuiceDefender – Battery Saver which automatically optimizes Google Android to turn off WiFi and 3G/4G data connectivity when your screen is off, and Juice Defender has preset profiles which you can use to save battery life when you are using your phone.

Extending your battery life for mobile devices would mean you can use your device longer, and not charge it as often. Your battery may have a longer life span, so you can use it for years longer without replacing it with a new one. You also save money by not having to pay higher power bills because you are constantly charging your devices. You also won’t need to buy those expensive charging battery cases, or back-up charging batteries which can be expensive, and bulky.

You can manually turn down the brightness on your Smartphone in the Screen settings for Android. Turning off Wi-Fi wireless internet, 4G and 3G Data can save you some battery life while preventing your device from going over your data limit.

Not using an animated wallpaper which uses some CPU and RAM to make the wallpaper animated, and sticking to a picture or pattern based wallpaper for the homescreen will save some power.

Using Ringtones/sound notifications instead of vibrations should also save power because vibrating notifications need to start a motor to vibrate your phone or tablet. Just relying on on-screen text notifications, and turning off sound would use the least amount of power because you can read the notifications when you use  your mobile.

Disabling widgets which are animated or download information like the weather, traffic report, or articles from the internet can save some battery life as well.

If your tablet, or smartphone has Bluetooth, NFC, GPS, Location Access, account syncing and other wireless services, you can turn them off as well in the Google Android settings for Google Android.

Turning down the volume of your speakers when listening to music and video could extend your battery life as well. Using headphones to listen to music, and setting the screen to turn off in Google Android when idle sooner will also save some power. A lot of music player apps like Winamp for Android can play music even when the screen is turned off.

Your tablet, and smartphone uses some power when you turn the screen off, or it is in standby mode, so if you plan on not using your tablet or phone for an extended amount of time, shutting down your tablet or phone will save some battery life.

You can also set your screen to turn off after 1 minute or less in the Display settings in Google Android, so your screen automatically turns off after 1 minute or less of not being used.

Turning on Rotation Screen Lock to lock the screen’s position in the Display settings, so the screen position does not rotate when you hold the tablet in different rotations could also save some battery life by turning off the rotation sensor when at the homescreen, and using apps like web browsers, and office suites. Game apps like Temple Run, racing games, and boating games which use the rotation sensors to play the game will still work even when rotation lock is on because games have permissions to turn on the rotation sensors for gaming.

Some Apps like social networking, news reader, e-mail, App Stores like Google Play, messaging, and video chat apps also use some battery life to send you notifications, updates, and other information, so turning off notifications and automatic updates can save some battery power as well. Most apps also have a manual update and notification feature for people who turn off automatic notifications, and updates.

Manually Force Stopping/Hibernating Apps like Social networking, System Utility, games, etc which you are no longer using can make your device use less battery life, and also free up RAM, and CPU Cycles.

Greenify is a simple to use app which automatically force stop/ hibernates running apps when the screen is off to help save battery life, and make force stopping apps easier.

You can also disable apps like Google Maps, Currents, and other bundled apps in Google Android 4.2.2 Jellybean in the App Setting in Android, so they don’t startup during startup. But, you can’t uninstall them unless you root your tablet or phone. The latest version of KS mobile Clean Master makes it easy to disable apps from Google with Clean Master App Manager.

Using less heavy apps like Opera Mini which is a mobile web browser which compresses your websites, so they load faster, and use less bandwidth can make your battery last longer since downloading smaller files will save some battery life as well while helping you save money on your internet plan if it is limited.

Some mobile games, let you adjust the video  quality, and sound levels of the game like PC games. Lowering the video quality settings, and making the sound not as loud or turning off music would save some power as well, and your game will also run faster.

Exiting apps you are not using by pressing back until it exits like in web browser, or going to settings and exit, or restarting your phone or tablet would stop apps from running in the unused background, and make your device use less memory while using less power.

There are also apps like Battery Saver which claim help save battery power on your Google Android device.

KS Mobile also makes a pretty good Battery Power saver app called Battery Doctor which makes it very simple to turn off and on un-needed features like Bluetooth, Data, Wi-Fi, vibrations, etc to save battery, and to adjust the brightness, and other levels to save battery life.

Using a Task Killer App like Advance Task Killer Free may also extend your battery life because there are fewer background apps which run in the background while using power, and also slowing down your mobile device because background apps are using a lot of RAM, and CPU resources.

Switching to a fast and lightweight launcher like Adode Launcher can save some battery life as well because launchers are always running in the background, and some launcher with tons of animations, effects, and features sometimes use up more power while also making your device slower.

Android also has a power widget built-into Android which you can place on your homescreen to easily adjust the brightness, turn off wifi/data, Bluetooth, sync, location awareness, and other power sucking tasks by just taping on a button on the power widget.

If you want a phone with good battery life I recommend the LG Google Nexus 4 because it uses Android 4.2.2, but does not come pre-installed with apps, launchers, and widgets which can suck up battery life. The Asus Google Nexus 7 is a great tablet which has good battery life as well because it also does not come pre-bundled with un-needed apps, launchers, and widgets which can affect the battery life of your device. In my experience, the Nexus 7 can have up to 10 hours of battery life when you use it for less intensive tasks like web browsing, and reading. When you use it for tasks like gaming, it has about 7 hours. 7-10 hours of battery life is pretty good for a $199 tablet.

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