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Battery Doctor by KS Mobile – Easiest way to save your battery life on Google Android

Battery Doctor by KS Mobile is one of the best ways for Google Android users to save their battery life, so they can use their phone or tablet longer. It is also easier to use than going into your Android settings to manually turn off features like Bluetooth, GPS, and other features to save power.

Battery Doctor makes turning off your Bluetooth, Wifi, 3G/4G Data, NFC, GPS, vibration, brightness, sound, and other power draining features simple by just changing to different power saving modes in Battery Doctors easy to use user interface or by using the Battery Doctor Homescreen Widget for Android instead of browsing through different settings sections like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Location Awareness, etc in your Android device which is more time consuming, and harder to use for Android users compared to using Battery Doctor.

Battery Doctor also shows you the percentage of power left on an icon on the top left of your screen.Battery Doctor also displays the percentage of power which you have less in your battery, and how much longer your battery will last before it runs out of power.

It also claims that it can extend the life of your battery by properly maintaining it while charging.

I also like that Battery Doctor tells me how much battery time is extended or lowered when I use Battery Doctor to turn off and on my Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, lower my brightness, and turn on and off other settings on Gooogle Android.

Battery Doctor also keeps track of which apps use the most battery power, so you’ll know which apps which you should not use when you are low on power, or if you want to extend your battery use to save power, and reduce the number of times you charge your Android device per week.

Now that you can use Android devices as laptops, and desktops, using Battery Doctor can lower your electricity usage saving you money on your monthly power bill.

You can download Battery Doctor by KS Mobile from Google Play or at Battery Doctor at Amazon Android App store which is also the Kindle Fire’s App store.

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