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Clean Master App – Cleans up, Speeds up your Google Android Smartphone or Tablet

Clean Master by KS Mobile is my favorite system utility app for getting rid of junk temporary/leftover files from uninstalled Apps, Ads on Apps, Cache files,  and empty folders which contains no data.Clean Master also has features for quickly deleting call history, text message and logs for smartphones, and browsing and search history for Google, YouTube, Chrome, and many third party web browsers, and social networking apps.

One of the best reasons to use Clean Master is to maintain your memory card’s free space, so you are less likely to run out of free space when you need it most like when you are downloading files from the internet, downloading and installing apps, recording videos, taking photos, and doing other tasks which use up a lot of memory storage space. Clean Master is a free App, so it is cheaper than buying a new MicroSD memory card to store your personal files, and usually a MicroSD memory card can’t install Apps, and you can only use your phone and tablet’s internal memory to install Apps on Android devices.

Having more free space may make your Android device faster because some Android devices tend to slow down when there is not much free space left on it.

There is also an uninstaller app in Clean Master for quickly uninstalling one or more Apps at the same time, and also backing up the APK installer files for the Apps. You can also use Clean Master to backup apps, and find new apps with the App recommendation program which recommends the best apps for Android. The Uninstaller App is also the Apps manager where you can move Apps to a MicroSD Card if your device supports Apps to SD Card. The App manager also tells you which System Apps like Gmail, YouTube, Google+, and Gallery from Google or your phone company is safe to disable to free up space, RAM, and CPU resources. You usually can’t uninstall System Apps like YouTube unless your device is rooted, so disabling them is the only way to stop some system apps from running in Google Android 4.1-4.4.

One of my favorite features of Clean Master is it has a Task stopper/killer program which can stop background apps to release free RAM, and CPU resources for Google Android to use for more important tasks like gaming, social networking, e-mail, and web browsing. Stopping un-needed background apps also makes Android faster, and more stable especially on older smartphones and tablets with slower CPUs, less than 2GB of RAM.

Clean Master also comes bundled with homescreen Memory Boosting widgets for Android for you to add to your home screen on your Android phone or tablets. Once you click on the home screen widget, it stops un-needed background tasks which will release free memory, so your phone and tablet has more free memory to use when you uses apps.

The latest version of Clean Master now also has a Game Booster section found in the Memory Booster section of Clean Master. Game Booster is a program which is used to add games to the Game Booster folder to boost game performance by better managing RAM and CPU resources while gaming, stopping un-needed apps and services from running in the background of Android while you game to stop slow down problems caused by background apps. It also prevents apps from starting up when you play games in Android. Most games are boosted by 21% or more. Game Booster makes games like Asphalt 8 load a lot faster, and run smoother with fewer crashes, and freezes in my experience. The Game Folder in Game Booster make finding games more convenient.

The user interface for Clean Master is very easy to use, and it only takes a few seconds to clean up junk files, and un-needed cache files from your Google Android smartphone and tablets. I usually recover 20MB-100MB or more free space when I use Clean Master to remove junk from my Google Android tablets.

I can also individually empty the cache and temporary files of each app if I notice I lose your save data in Game apps when I clear the cache. I found that CSR Racing and CSR Racing Classic loses the save data when its cache is emptied. Deleting empty folders are pretty safe in my experience when using Clean Master because Empty folders contain no files.

There is also now an antivirus and privacy scanner in Clean Master which is used to scan, and remove viruses, and privacy threats from Google Android, so Android is secure, and protects user privacy. The antivirus is used to scan your apps, and sd memory card. The antivirus uses a combination of offline and cloud scanning during the app and SD card scan. The antivirus also protects Google Chrome from visiting virus infected websites, and from downloading virus files and apps.

You can download Clean Master from the Google Play App store or at Clean Master at Amazon Android and Kindle Fire App store for free.

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  • bonty December 6, 2013, 9:18 am

    I had installed Clean Master , it is good。But the space is too big,so I replaced with Toolwiz Cleaner.

    • Johnson Yip December 7, 2013, 6:30 am

      Cool. I check out ToolWiz Cleaner out someday. I agree the space is kind of big for phones and tablets which are low on free space.

  • HILL2333 December 9, 2013, 3:52 am

    I also think Toolwiz Cleaner is much better than Clean Master.

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