Driver Booster Pro V1.3

Iobit Driver Booster Pro V1.3 Pro is a program which makes finding, and updating drivers for your computer hardware a lot faster because Driver Booster Pro automatically scans your computer, and the internet for new driver updates.

It is important to keep your computer hardware drivers updated because computer hardware companies like Nvidia video cards, and AMD video cards release new drivers often to improve your hardware performance for faster PC gaming with less slowdown problems, and fix stability problems which can cause PC freezes, and crashes when you use your computer.

Iobit Driver Booster Pro also automatically update your drivers when you agree to update them after the driver scan. The scans for new drivers usually take a few seconds in Driver Booster Pro. Updating Drivers with Driver Booster Pro is pretty fast and reliable. Driver Booster also tweak drivers for the best gaming performance.

Using Driver Booster only takes a few seconds to minutes to check for and install the correct and latest driver updates compared to spending hours searching online with search engines, download sites, and hardware company sites to find the right driver, and sometimes installing the wrong driver which makes Windows broken.

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File Hippo update checker

FileHippo Update Checker is a small program which scans your computer for updates to programs like web browsers, antivirus, office suites, media players, etc.

It is important to install the latest updates for your software like web browsers, antivirus, and office suites to improve your computer performance, fix problems, and prevent computer security problems like virus infections by installing the latest version of your software on your computer. Updating your programs may also free up hard drive space because newer versions of the program use less hard drive space sometimes.

All I have to do is open File Hippo Updater by clicking the shortcut icon on my desktop or startmenu in Windows, and FileHippo automatically scans my computer for programs which need updating. [click to continue…]


The ASUS Nvidia Geforce GT 620 1GB video card is a nice video card for PC Gamers and users on a small budget of $60 for a video card for playing PC games, watching HD video, video editing, and doing other video tasks on their desktop computer. I have been using the video card for a few months, and it works great on Windows 8.1 and Lubuntu Linux when I use it to play 3D PC games, and watch HD video on my older desktop computer. This card makes it possible for me to start playing PC games, 3D flash games, and watching HD video at the affordable price of  about $60 which is a good deal considering the price of other

The video card also only uses up to 75W, so computers with a 300-400W or lower power supply has enough power to run this card. The 75W power  usage of this card  means this card uses very little electricity even when playing PC games or HD video, so your electricity bill won’t be much higher  because you are using a dedicated video card. The heat generated with this card inside your PC case won’t make your PC much hotter.

I installed the Asus Nvidia Geforce GT 620 1GB video card on my older desktop computer with 1GB of RAM, and a dual-core 1.86 GHz Intel Core2Dou CPU, and 320GB hard drive. The performance of the Asus Nvidia GT 620 1GB is a lot better than my onboard Intel video which is slower, and also use up 32MB of my System RAM. The GT 620 uses a PCI Express 2.0 x16, and it works on my older PCI-Express 1.0 16x port on my older computer. Installing this card onto my computer is pretty easy. I just need to open my remove the PCI plate from my case, and make sure the PCI-Express slot clip is up, so I can gently push the card into the PCI-Express slot, and fasten the card to my motherboard with the clip on the PCI-Express slot, and screw the back of the card to my case with the screw on the case. It is easy to plug in my VGA cable from my LCD monitor to the back of the video card VGA port. [click to continue…]