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Gpaint Linux Paint program

GNU Paint/GPaint is an easy to use, fast, and lightweight Paint program for Linux based operating systems. But, it still have enough features where you can use it as your main Paint Program for drawing and painting simpler images in Linux. I personally use GNU Paint on my Raspberry Pi 2 which is running Raspbian Jessie Linux. Raspbian did not come pre-installed with a Paint program like Windows, and other operating system. But, I needed a paint program to make simple pictures for my blog articles. I found using HTML5 and JavaScript and Flash paint based programs on websites too slow to use on the Raspberry Pi because of the slower hardware. Other Paint programs ran slower, used too much storage space, produce poorer quality drawings with blurry lines, and shapes, and did not have the features I wanted. But, GNU Paint has been very fast, has enough features I need like support for drawing different shapes, and lines, and it does not use a lot of storage space on my 8GB MicroSD card which I have installed on my Raspberry Pi 2.

The default picture file format for Gpaint is PNG which is compatible with other Paint and Photo editing programs like MS Paint, GIMP, Photoshop, etc. [click to continue…]


AppGalaxy Gallery App for Google Android
Gallery by AppGalaxy is a simple to use Picture, and video viewer app for Google Android. It also is under 1MB to download from Google Play, and works with Google Android 2.3 and up. Gallery has a media sorting, editing, sharing, rotating an image and background, contact setting tools for Android.

Gallery user interface is similar to the original Google Android Gallery App which came with Google Android Gingerbread 2.3, so it should be easy to learn how to use for people who used the Gallery App for Android 2.3.

What I like most about Gallery is its small file size, fast performance, reliability, and the built-in picture editing and file management tools built-into Gallery. [click to continue…]


open cubic audio music player

Open Cubic Player is one of the smallest, lightest running, and fastest running music and audio players for Windows 95-XP, DOS, UNIX, and Linux. This Audio Player should run on more older computers from the 1990s with a sound card, or onboard audio compared to other more modern music players with higher system requirements for more modern operating systems, and computer hardware.

Open Cubic Player can output in DirectX 5 or later. It works with very old sound cards and onboard sound chips like the Sound Blaster 1.0, 2.0, Pro, 16, 32, AWE32, AWE64, and more.It also has a .wav writer.

Open Cubic Player also can run on very old computers from Windows 95-XP, DOS, UNIX, and Linux, so you can reuse your old computers to play music.

I think Open Cubic Player is one of the best music players for micro-computers like the Raspberry Pi, and similar micro-computers because the player is fast, lightweight, and uses very little storage space. [click to continue…]