CM Speed Booster App for Google Android smartphones and tablets

CM Speed Booster is a free ad-free Google Android System Utility App which is used to free up space, and improve its performance while helping keep your CPU cool on your Google Android smartphone, and tablet. It is only 1MB in space, so it uses very little space on your Google Android’s storage device. It is made by Cheetah Mobile which makes the popular Clean Master System Utility, and File Manager Explorer App for Google Android.

I used CM Speed Booster on my older Kobo Vox Google Android 2.3 Gingerbread eReader Tablet with a 800MHz single Core CPU, 512MB  of RAM, 8GB of storage, and CM Speed Booster works well on my Kobo Vox tablet because CM Booster does not have a lot of animation, and is only 1MB in size compared to other System Utility apps which can be 20MB or more in size.   [click to continue…]


VLC Beta for Google Android

VLC Beta for Google Android is a nice and simple free open source media player which can playback most video and audio file formats in Google Android. VLC Beta for Android is made by the same software developers as VLC for Desktop based operating systems like Windows, Linux, and Apple Mac OS X. It is also available for Apple iOS. VLC for Android is still in Beta, so it is not totally stable, or complete, but in my experience it works pretty well as an easy to use media player for Google Android.

One of the main advantages of VLC Media Players is that it can play almost all known video, and audio music files without the need to download and install an extra media file codec or plug-in program or app. It’s file size is smaller, and performance is also faster than most default media players which came with my tablet, and Windows computer. VLC also rarely crashes, freezes, or breaks when I use it. [click to continue…]


Puffin Mobile Web Browser for Google Android Smartphone and tablets

Puffin Browser is a free mobile web browser for Google Android which can play flash video, and games on Google Android with the latest version of Adobe Flash Player which is installed on Puffin’s cloud servers. It plays flash videos and games very quickly compared to using the Adobe Flash Plug-in which you need to install in Android. It uses Cloud technology to stream flash video, and games to Puffin which is installed in Google Android.

Puffin runs very fast on my Asus Google Nexus 7 2012 tablet, and Puffin loads websites very fast on my WiFi wireless home network because it has online website compression technology which also saves me bandwidth data. Puffin web browser rarely crashes, or freezes when I use it on my tablet. It also starts up in only a few seconds after I tap on its shortcut launcher icon on my Google Android launcher, or the All Apps section of the launcher.

Puffin is easy to learn how to use since it looks similar to other web browser with navigational buttons, address bar, bookmarks, tabs, menu, stop and refresh button. It also uses very little screen space, so there is more space to display websites.

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