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lightweight video player for Google Android

I notice sometimes video pauses or freezes when watching some video files on Instagram, and possibly other websites which uses the same video file types and video player as Instagram. I only get freezing problems when viewing some Instagram videos on my Acer C720 Google Chromebook, and Asus Chromebox computer with an Intel Celeron CPU and integrated graphics.

But, this video freezing problem on Instagram does not affect Google Chrome installed on my Android tablets, and more powerful Windows 10 Desktop computer with an Intel Core2Dou 1.9GHz CPU, 3GB RAM and a Nvidia GT620 video card.

In my experience, some Instagram video freezes on Chrome mostly affects my Chromebooks/Chromeboxes. Some Windows netbooks and slower desktops which uses the same types of CPU and  integrated Intel HD graphics chips may also have this video pausing problem on Instagram and other video websites. I think it also only happens with certain video file formats which are uploaded to Instagram since some videos play normally on Instagram while other video files don’t play, or freezes randomly after a second. The video also does not loop forever like other Instagram videos which play properly. [click to continue…]


Some tablets like the Nvidia Shield K1 tablet have a Micro-HDMI port which is for connecting a Micro-HDMI cable to a TV with a full size HDMI port on the TV. Micro-HDMI video port are found on some smartphones, mini computers, Android and Windows tablets, and digital video cameras, so you can use one cable to show videos from many types of video devices. The connection is also faster on a Micro-HDMI cable than using wireless connections to send video to a TV, and you don’t need to rely on wi-fi or the internet to show video on a TV.

I used a Micro-HDMI cable to connect my Nvidia Shield Tablet to  a TV with a HDMI video port. You don’t need to buy a very expensive high quality Micro-HDMI cable to use on the Nvidia Shield Tablet to connect it to a TV. I used a older short Micro-HDMI cable which I got bundled from a digital camcorder which I bought many years a go. The Micro-HDMI cable works great at connecting my TV to the Shield tablet.  A higher quality Micro-HDMI cable like a $7 BlueRigger High Speed Micro HDMI cable with Ethernet (6 Feet) will last longer because it is better constructed, so it could be worth it to spend an extra few dollars on a higher quality video cable. higher quality cables are also longer in length. Higher quality Micro-HDMI usually look better which may be important if you care how your cables look, and don’t want regular looking black cables.  The warranties on higher quality video cables are usually longer, and they sometimes even have lifetime hardware warranties.

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I have been using a ProCase Nvidia Shield Tablet Leather Stand Folio Cover Case for a few months to protect my Nvidia Shield K1 tablet from damage like scratches, and keep it clean dirt/dust. It currently costs $13.99 US Dollars on Amazon, so the case is more affordable than other cases for the Nvidia Shield Tablet.  The ProCase Nvidia Shield case works nicely at protecting my Nvidia Shield’s screen and the rest of its device like the back and sides. The front is slightly raise, and holes for the camera, so your front camera is also protected, and won’t scratch when sliding the case across a smooth table.

I like the thin, simple, durable, and lightweight design of the case. The corners of the case are rounded, and the front of the case is covered in a soft leather material with a slightly rough texture like a leather chair, so it is easy to grip. The inside of the case is covered in a soft felt material on the inside. The leather case is also slightly raise from the screen, so the case door does not touch the screen, so your screen won’t get scratches from dirt and  dust on the door because the door does not touches the screen when the case is closed.  The materials of the case makes it easy to hold when I am using, and not using my tablet when the door is closed. The case’s door is also a stand which you can fold into a triangle to use in an upright, or horizontal position. The case is also sewed together with string, so it should be pretty durable. The case’s material does not bend, and flex, so it keeps it shape after using it for a few months.  [click to continue…]

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