Classic Keyboard Google Android

I use Classic Keyboard on my Google Android tablet because it runs fast, is easy to use, and is only 1.8 MB in size, so it uses very little space on Google Android storage drive on smartphones and tablets.

The keyboard starts up fast after I unlock Android, and tap on a text box after my device has finish turning on. The keyboard also shows up pretty fast, and hides fast when I press the hide button, or when It automatically hides when I am done entering in a website address on a browser, and pressing the return/enter button on the keyboard. Classic Keyboard app also does not seem to crash, slow down Google Android, or have long waiting times like some other keyboard apps I tried, so using this keyboard may make your device faster, and use less RAM and CPU resources because this keyboard does not use much RAM, and CPU resources in my experience. [click to continue…]


Piriform CCleaner for Google Android

CCleaner by Piriform is a free simple to use system  utility app for Google Android.  CCleaner for Android is made by the same company which makes the popular CCleaner disk cleanup system utility program for Windows, and Mac.  I like the flat, and easy to use user interface which is easy to check, and clean by hitting the clean button. CCleaner is also only 2.2MB in size, so it is very small, and uses a small amount of storage space on your device. CCleaner starts up pretty fast after tapping the shortcut icon on my homescreen, and also runs scans, and clean up fast as well. [click to continue…]


Cleaner Master Optimizer Free

Cleaner Master Speed Booster Free is an app for Google Android which comes with a Memory Booster, game booster, junk file cleaner, history cleaner, and App Manager.

Cleaner is pretty easy to use in my experience because I just need to tap a few buttons to do tasks like boosting the memory, or games, cleaning junk files and history, and uninstalling Apps with the App Manager.

I like the dark modern theme of Cleaner. It looks very nice, and it is easy to use.  It is useful to see how fast my memory speed is, how much memory is being use and the percentage of free space my device has on its dashboard.

Cleaner also opens fast, and runs pretty well.

The Memory Booster stops background apps, and services from running which should help make apps run faster because Android, and the app which you are using has more free RAM, and the CPU is also running fewer background tasks. It will also make the battery life longer because less is running in the background. [click to continue…]