Midori light web browser

Midori is a fast, light, and reliable free open source tab web browser which work in Linux, and Windows computers. It does not crash or freeze much when I use it for web browsing, and it starts up, load websites, and runs quickly even on slower computers. [click to continue…]


QupZilla Web Browser

QupZilla is a free lightweight tab web browser for Windows, Linux, and Mac. It uses less RAM, CPU, and storage space than more popular web browsers, and support older versions of Windows like XP, and many versions of Linux like Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian, OpenSuse, etc.

It’s user interface is very easy to learn how to use because it has features like an address bar, navigational buttons, bookmarks, ┬ásearch box, and speed dial bookmarks which are found on more popular web browsers for PC. It also has an RSS News Reader, and bookmark import tool. [click to continue…]


Light Video Player

Playing offline video files can be slow on older computers, but there are lightweight video players which work great at playing videos even on older Windows, and Linux computers with a single core CPU, 256-512MB of RAM, slower hard drive, and onboard video.

VLC Media Player, SMplayer, and Kodi.TV/XBMC are lightweight video players which work for Windows, Linux, and other operating systems. These video players run fast on older computers in my experience.

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