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Uninstaller App for google android

Uninstaller made by Rhythm Software is a free app uninstaller/remover app for uninstalling your unwanted apps which you installed yourself, or were installed by your device maker, and other apps. The advantages of removing unwanted apps is that you have more free space, so you can install other apps, download more files to your device, and your device runs faster because some apps like social networking apps run in the background until you uninstall them. Once you uninstall background apps, you should have more free RAM, and CPU cycles for running other apps like web browsers, office programs. and games.

I like that Uninstaller is simple to use, and faster than using the built-in uninstaller in Android because Uninstaller user interface loads quickly, and is very lightweight.
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SanDisk Ultra 8GB UHS-I Class 10 Micro SD Memory Card with a read speed of up to 48MB/s is a fast, reliable, and affordable Micro D Card to use as storage on the Raspberry Pi 2. SanDisk makes some of the fastest memory cards in the world, and they are also very reliable. It also only cost $6.21 online on sites like Amazon, so it does not cost much more than cheaper MicroSD cards which are slower, and less reliable. SanDisk Ultra MicroSD card comes with a 10 year warranty. SanDisk Ultra MicroSD Card comes with a lifetime warranty for countries which have Lifetime warranties according to its Amazon page.

Using a faster MicroSD card like a SanDisk Ultra MicroSD cards is the easiest way to make your Raspberry Pi 2 run faster. You just need to insert a faster high performance MicroSD card into the Pi 2’s MicroSD slot, and the Pi 2 will read and write files, programs, and operating files faster on your Pi 2’s MicroSD card.

This SanDisk 8GB MicroSD card has enough storage to install 2 or more operating systems on the Raspberry Pi 2. I think 8GB of space should be the minimum size of SD card you use if you are planning to use the Raspberry Pi for using desktop operating systems like Raspbian, OpenElec, Arch Linux, etc since some operating systems for the Pi can use many GB of space once you install all your programs on the Pi 2. You’ll also not save much money by using a 4GB MicroSD card instead of a 8GB MicroSD card because a 4GB card cost around $5.50-5.80. The money savings is sometimes less than a dollar by using a 4GB MicroSD card instead of a 8GB card. Most 4GB cards are also slower, and maybe less reliable than SanDisk Ultra series of MicroSD cards. The slower speeds, and lower reliability of cheaper 4GB cards can make using the Pi 2 slower, and less reliable with more random reboots, freezes, and slowdown problems.

The 48 MB per second read speeds, and faster write speeds makes this card one of the best MicroSD cards for the Raspberry Pi 2 because your Raspberry Pi 2 will startup faster, and open programs, and files a lot faster than using a slower MicroSD card. The faster write speed of this MicroSD card will make installing the operating systems, programs, and files on to the MicroSD card a lot faster than using a slower MicroSD card. The faster read and write speed will also make your Pi 2 faster since the Pi 2 uses the MicroSD card as virtual RAM/Swap file to use to run programs on it.The SanDisk Ultra 8GB MicroSD card comes with an SD card adapter, so you can use the MicroSD card on a desktop, or laptop computer which does not have a MicroSD card reader, but has a SD Card Reader. You can also use a USB SD Card reader to read the MicroSD card when it is inserted into the SD Card which is inserted into the USB SD Card Reader. The MicroSD card also can Easily Back Up Files With “SanDisk Memory Zone” App which comes with the MicroSD Card.
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CanaKit 5V 2.5A Raspberry Pi 2 Power Supply (UL Listed) is s Micro-USB power supply for powering my Raspberry Pi 2 which now has 4 USB ports. The power supply is powerful enough to power my overclocked Raspberry Pi 2 where I overclocked the CPU to 1GHz, and the RAM, and video chip to 500 MHz. I don’t experience any random reboots, or shutdowns when I use Canakit’s power supply to power my Raspberry Pi 2. The power supply is also very affordable because it cost only $9.99 on Amazon.com.

The power supply is specially designed to provide reliable power to the Raspberry Pi 2.

According to Canakit’s website, this power adapter works with all version of the Raspberry Pi like the 1, 2, Model A, Model B, Model B+, etc.

The Power Supply Outputs 5V DC / 2.5A Regulated , and Input: 100 – 240VAC, so it provides enough DC 5 Volts voltage, and 2.5 AMP currents to reliably power the Raspberry Pi 2 even when I overclock the Pi 2 to 1GHz for the CPU and 500MHz for the RAM, and video chip, and I have four USB devices which are a USB keyboard, USB mouse, USB Canakit Wifi Adapter, and USB Flash drive plugged into the four USB ports on the Raspberry Pi 2’s circuit board. I like that the power supply does not get hot when I use the Raspberry Pi for many hours, or use it to watch HD video files. The 100 – 240 VAC Input means you can use this power supply in North America which uses 100-110V electricity, and you can use it in other countries which use 200-240V and higher voltages when you use the proper power adapter. [click to continue…]