Getting rid of the Navigational bar search ring when you swipe up from the home screen is simple to do, and makes Android less distracting to use because you won’t accidentally launch Google Search, and see the ring or other apps when accidentally swiping up from the home screen, or long pressing the home button too long. Disabling Google Search also removes the small transparent arrow pointing upwards at the bottom center of the lock screen, so my lock screen looks more clean.

Your device does not need to be rooted to disable the Google Search Ring on Google Android.

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nav ring disabler

NavBar Ring Disabler is a simple app which disables Apps like Google Search, and any other apps from opening when you swipe your finger up from the on-screen home button on your launcher. You do not need to root your smartphone or tablet, so it should work on most Google Android 4.1 and up devices with onscreen system bar buttons at the bottom.

It is easy to use. I just need to install the app, and launch it. When it is launch, I press the “Disable Nav Bar Ring” to disable Google from loading when I swipe up. It can’t disable the ring from showing up, but it stops Google and other apps from loading to nothing when you swipe up from your home button on your screen. [click to continue…]


hide system bar

Hide System Bar by Dreamori is a free App for Google Android which hides Google Android’s top notification bar, and bottom navigation bar without the need to root Google Android. Hiding the system in Android frees up almost 1 inch of space on my 7 inch tablet, and not having the notification bar and system bar showing makes reading, playing games, web browsing, and watching videos better because I can have a bigger picture, or view more of a website or text on an eBook. It is also less distracting because there are no notifications, and system bar icon distracting me. Using Hide System Bar makes my screen look bigger because there are no black system bar using up my screen space, so this is a good app for smaller smartphones and tablets.

Hide System Bar is useful for playing games like Angry Birds and video where you do not need the notification, or navigational bar to play a game, or watch a video.  For games like Fruit Ninja where you need to swipe the top or bottom of the screen a lot will show the navigational system bar, and notification bar which would interfere with your gaming. [click to continue…]