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CM Keyboard for Google Android

CM Keyboard is a free touch keyboard app for Google Android smartphones and tablets. CM Keyboard is customization, lightweight, reliable, and has a nice looking user interface.

CM Keyboard is made by Cheetah Mobile who makes the popular Clean Master App, CM Launcher, and many other apps.

CM Keyboard is a multilingual keyboard which supports English and a lot of other languages like French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Greek, Arabic, Persian, Turkish, Dutch, Thai, Vietnamese, Polish, and Romanian. You can switch languages quickly by pressing the language button on the keyboard. You would need to download the language pack to use different languages in CM Keyboard. [click to continue…]


FTL Launcher Lite for Google Android

FTL Launcher Lite is one of the best lightweight full featured homescreen Launchers for Google Android devices. It has features like homescreen widgets, homescreen shortcuts, folders, and app shortcuts animation, Quicklaunch shortcut Dock, app drawer, and multiple homescreen support on FTL Launcher Lite.

It also does not come with any un-needed features like custom homescreen widgets, apps, and shortcuts to download, and install apps, or a custom app store like some more popular third-party launchers for Google Android.

FTL Lite app apk file size is only about 604 KB in size to download from the internet, so it uses very little storage space on your smartphone or tablet, and does not require a lot of data/bandwidth to download, and install. FTL takes only a few seconds ro download, and install on most smartphones and tablets running Google Android which run Android 2.2 and up.

FTL Launcher is designed to be very fast, and smooth. Its App drawer Waterfall effect is fully 3D accelerated. You can also use the normal 2D app drawer as well. The dock can hold 3 or 5 shortcuts on the dock. FTL launcher homescreen supports auto-rotation, Infinite looping, scrollable widgets, 1-9 homescreen, bounce effect homescreen transition,  wallpaper scrolling, changeable  transitioned of homescreens, and change to default homescreen [click to continue…]


Simple Large Keyboard for Google Android

Simple Large Button is a very lightweight keyboard app with a simple English alphabetically ABC… order keyboard instead of the more complicated standard QWERTY keyboard layout. It has numbers like 1,2,3 and special characters like . , !, # on its keyboard app.

I think this app is good for users who are more used to the Alphabet instead of the QWERTY layout of ordering keyboard letters, or users who type one letter at a time by finding each letter on the keyboard, or use a stylus to type.

Typing with an Alphabetical ordered keyboard is very accurate especially on Simple Large Button Keyboard App with its larger buttons. [click to continue…]