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Libreoffice Draw

LibreOffice Draw is a vector drawing program which comes bundled with LibreOffice which is a free and open sourced Desktop office suite program for Windows, Linux, Mac, and Raspberry Pi.

Draw is a fun program to use to draw images with LibreOffice, and it is also a feature-rich Drawing program to make detailed and professional looking graphics for school, work, and other tasks like making props like a poster, book, etc for an online video, or cartoon. I sometimes use Draw to make graphics for my blog posts.

LibreOffice Draw is used to create graphics, diagrams, flow charts, organization diagrams, network diagrams, posters, and cover pages with graphics up to 300cm by 300cm in size. Draw lets you change graphic files, group pictures, crop images, and put 3D shapes on images.

Smart connectors in Draw makes it simple to create flowcharts, organization charts, network diagrams, and other graphics used in workplace settings. The Smart Connecters make it easier for beginners to create charts and diagrams. [click to continue…]


Lxmusic Light Linux Music Player software

LXMusic is a music player software for Linux based operating systems like Ubuntu, Debian, Raspbian/Raspberry Pi, Lubuntu, etc. What makes LXMusic better than other music player software for Linux is that LXMusic is incredibly lightweight, simple, and fast for a desktop based music player software.

LXMusic is made by the maker of the popular LXDE Lightweight X Desktop Environment for Linux , and it is based on the popular XMMS2 music player for music. LXMusic also looks similar to the popular Foobar2000 music player for Windows.

The sound quality of music being played back in LXMusic is great. Music playback is loud,clear, and smooth without any static, slowdown, choppy sound, and other audio problems.
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LibreOffice Impress Slideshow Multimedia Presentation office suite

LibreOffice Impress is a free Slideshow Presentation software which comes with LibreOffice. Impress is a great alternatives to paid Slideshow Presntation programs which can cost a hundred dollars or more. LibreOffice, and Impress works for Windows, Linux, Mac, and the Raspberry Pi mini computer. Impress is used to create slideshow presentations, and to display them on its program. LibreOffice Impress is also compatible with Microsoft Office Power Point presentation files. You can save Impress slideshow presentations as PPT PowerPoint files, and also view PowerPoint files with Impress. There are also alot of other different types of presentation files like .odp which you can save, and open in Impress.

LibreOffice is a free open source office suite which comes with a Word Processor, Presentation, Spreadsheet, Database, Drawing, and other programs. It is based on the popular free Apache OpenOffice office suite program which is one of the first free office suites which is well known with many users. [click to continue…]