Light Firefox

Light Firefox is a fast, and light Firefox based web browser which can run faster on slower computers. Light runs faster because a lot of the un-needed features for Firefox are removed from Light. I use Light Firefox on my older computer with 1GB of RAM, and a dual-core CPU running Windows 8.1. Scrolling up and down websites, loading websites, switching tabs, minimizing, and maximizing light windows, and opening and closing Light web browser is a lot faster with Light web browser in my experience. I notice that Light Firefox seems to crash less, and I rarely get those Not Responding errors which I get in the regular version of Firefox. Light Firefox also uses less RAM, and CPU resources in my experience, so it runs faster than other web browsers.

Light Firefox is now my main web browser which I use because it runs the fastest, and also supports useful Firefox add-ons like Videodownload helper, Firebug, NoScript and FireFTP which other alternative web browsers do not support.  Light also uses the latest version of Firefox 31 compared to other non-official Firefox based web browsers which use older versions of Firefox like 24.6.2 instead of Firefox 31.

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Ultimate Windows Tweaker 3.1

Ultimate Windows Tweaker 3.1 is a free Windows tweak utility to tweak Windows 8-8.1 easily by just checking check boxes, moving slider buttons, and choosing options from drop down menu. It is a lot safer, and easier to use than using a Registry Editor or Windows command prompt which is difficult for most computer users. It is a great tool for optimizing Windows to run faster, so PC Games, web browsing, and using Windows is faster. It is also safer than using other programs to tweak Windows because there are description, restore default, and create system restore which makes the chance of messing up Windows a lot less unlikely compared to other Windows tweakers. There are also a lot of tweaks to make Windows 8-8.1 easier to use like disabling the lock screen, and making Windows start to desktop instead of the fullscreen Start Screen after you logged into Windows with your user account.

It is amazing that Ultimate Windows Tweaker has over 170 tweaks for changing Windows settings which will make Windows faster, look better, easier to use, crash less, and improve security of Windows 8.

Ultimate Windows Tweaker for Windows 8-8.1 is only 340 KB in file size and has over 170 tweaks for Windows 8. It also does not require installation since you just need to unzip the zip folder to extract it, and run it.

Ultimate Windows Tweaker also won’t slow down Windows by starting during Windows Startup like other system utility programs which startup during Windows login, and adds an automatic service to the services section of Windows.

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MSI Afterburners videocard overclocking windows software

I use MSI Afterburner 3.01 which is a free overclocking software to overclock my Nvidia GT620 1GB videocard’s GPU core clock, and memory clock, so my PC games have faster video frame rates like 40-60 Frames per second. Having higher frame rates will make video on games look smoother, and have fewer slowdown problems like slow frame rates which caused the video to slow down, or stutter. You may also be able to set your video quality on PC Games to a higher video setting like low to medium, or medium to high video quality settings after you overclocked your video card.

MSI Afterburner been pretty stable, and reliable at overclocking my video card, and my overclocks don’t cause my computer to crash, or overheat.

I like the dark modern theme for Afterburner. It is easy to find the settings like core clock, and memory clock speed I want to change.

You can also underclock your videocard to save a little bit of electricity/power, and make your video card run cooler when you are doing less video intensive tasks like browsing the web, office work, e-mail, watching standard definition video, etc. [click to continue…]