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Wise Fastimizer Disk Clean Up Task Killer for Google Android

Wise Fastimizer Free is a simple, and fast system utility app for Google Android. Fastimizer safely deletes junk files like App cache, and residual files which are taking up space on your internal storage drive. It also stops unneeded background apps from running to free up RAM, so your device will run apps, and games faster because there is more free RAM to run apps and games after Fastimizer stops all the unneeded background apps. Fastimizer is made by Wise which makes the popular Wise 365 Care which is a popular system utility program for maintaining Windows PC.

On the homescreen of Fastimizer there is a circle graph which shows the health score of my device, the amount of used space is left on my device, the total amount of space is on my device, and how much RAM is being used out of the total amount of RAM on my device.
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Google Android Disk Cleanup Apps

A disk cleanup app will help you free up space in Google Android, so you have more free space for your files, and installing more apps, and games. Disk Cleanup apps delete temporary files, and cache files which Android does not need to free up space on your Android device. Having more free space after a disk cleanup can also make your device more stable, and run faster because it has more space to write files to. Deleting junk files like your internet history, cookies, logs, cache files, and other junk files helps protect your privacy from people trying to look at your history, and cache files to find out what websites, and apps you used in Google Android.

Deleting junk files can also help you save money by not having to buy a new larger size MicroSD Card, or new device like a smartphone with more storage space to store more files because now you have more free space to store files, apps, and games after you performed a disk cleanup which can free up many hundreds of MBs to GBs of free space. Free disk cleanup apps are also free, so you don’t have to pay any money to use them. [click to continue…]


Dillo Web Browser

Dillo is a free basic web browser which can display pictures and text on a website. It is mainly designed to be very lightweight , so Dillo should run great even on computers, and devices with a small amount of storage space, slower CPU, and less RAM like the Raspberry Pi 1.

Dillo-3.0.5.tar.bz2 is only 717K to download from Dillo’s download website, so it uses very little storage on your device. [click to continue…]