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ATAPI 11 Hard drive error Windows

Occasionally, my older computer from 2008 gets hundreds of ATAPI 11 Errors in the Windows Event Viewer logs’ Administrative event section. These ATAPI 11 problems started to show up after a few years of using my computer, so I think on my computer ATAPI 11 is caused by a hardware problem like a bad or loose SATA hard drive cable connection between my hard drive’s SATA port, hard drive SATA cable, and the SATA drive port on my hard drive and motherboard. When I get a lot of ATAPI 11 errors when I browse through the Event Viewer’s Administrative events in the Administrative tools’ Event Viewer program in the Windows Control panel, I notice my computer just randomly freezes with the desktop being unresponsive or slows down, or fails to startup Windows if my hard drive problems like a loose data cable connection get very bad. The hard drive light on my hard drive also stays a solid color instead of blinking, and the hard drive also stop making read and write noises when I experience a lot of ATAPI 11 errors in Windows Event Viewer. [continue reading…]

DUMo Driver Update Monitor

DUMo by KC Software is a free program which scans for software updates for your Hardware Driver Software like Video card drivers from Nvidia or AMD, and informs you if there is an update available. It also tells you which Hardware Driver software version you are using in Windows.

Hardware Driver Software is needed in Windows for hardware like soundcards, videocards, keyboards, mouse, and webcams to work. Installing the latest version of a driver software can fix performance, security and reliability problems in older versions of Drivers installed on your computer. Sometimes new videocard drivers can make newer PC games run better because the newer drivers have new features which make games run faster.

DUMo just informs you which drivers need updates for your version of Windows, but does not automatically install drivers, so you have to manually download and install the driver by using Windows Update, downloading the newest driver from the hardware makers website, or from a download site like download.com. You can also use DUMo to help you find the driver software online by using your mouse to click on the driver which needs to be updated, and clicking the Download button in DUMo. Once you click the download button, a web browser like Firefox will open, and you could use KC Software website, and Google Search to find the website where the driver software could be downloaded. [continue reading…]

SUMo software update monitor

SUMo Software Update Monitor Free by KC Software for Windows computer is a simple to use program which scans your computer for software which is updated to a newer version of the software, and tells you which programs are up to date after it has scan Windows for software updates.

Installing software updates is important to fix security and software problems in old versions of the software.

It mostly scans for free software.But, it may inform you of some paid software with a free version which you can activate with a serial number to become a paid software with more features.

The update scans in SUMo are automatic, and takes a few minute or more to complete in Windows. SUMo juat informs you which software is updated, what version of the software you are using and software which has a new version which is not installed on your Windows computer. [continue reading…]

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