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SUMo Software Update Monitor – Simple Program for Windows Shows New Software Update

SUMo software update monitor

SUMo Software Update Monitor Free by KC Software for Windows computer is a simple to use program which scans your computer for software which is updated to a newer version of the software, and tells you which programs are up to date after it has scan Windows for software updates.

Installing software updates is important to fix security and software problems in old versions of the software.

It mostly scans for free software.But, it may inform you of some paid software with a free version which you can activate with a serial number to become a paid software with more features.

The update scans in SUMo are automatic, and takes a few minute or more to complete in Windows. SUMo juat informs you which software is updated, what version of the software you are using and software which has a new version which is not installed on your Windows computer.

When you press the Get Update button, it will direct you to its website where it uses Google Custom Search to search for the website where you can download the update, or you can open the software maker’s website through a link to manually update software. There are also search buttons to FileHippo, MajorGeek, Download.com, Softpedia, etc on KCSoftwares.com website, so you just need to press a button on a website to search for the installer file for the program on download sites like MajorGeek, FileHippo, and Softpedia.

A lot of software like web browsers, media players, and office suites automatically check and install updates after you open them in Windows, so you can just open a software like Firefox web browser, and it will inform you to install updates. You can open the software which has updates according to SUMo, and install updates with the built-in software updater like the updater in Firefox instead of opening all your software to check for updates one by one which can take a very long time.

Some installer files of web installer programs which uses the interner to download and install the latest version of the program from the software makers website, so your old web installer files currently in your downloads folde can be re-opened to download and install the latest version of a program from the web.

According to SUMo website, SUMo has better compatibility and less false positive according to user feedback. There are also useful statistics on its website to see how many users are using the version of the software you want to update or is always updated on your PC.

SUmo also features Filter / authorize Beta versions (user setting), Ignore List, and many language translations to use it on computers which use a different language than english.

I like the simple to use, and basic design of SUMo which makes it very fast and easy to use. Its installer file size is about 1.5 Mb in size, so it is very fast to download and install, and does not use much space on my PC’s storage drive. There is also a lite version of SUMo which has no sponsored content. During the installation, you can choose not to install the ReleventKnowledge bundled software.

SUMo has some customizable features which let you manually add new titles to SUMo, drag and drop software titles to add to the progtam, remove software from its list, ignore software updates, and drag and drop software to SUMo. In its settings, you can set SUMo to start automatically when you turn on your computer, and login to your Windows user account.

The free version of SUMo is good enough for my needs of finding out what software titles are installed on my PC, which software titles has a new version which got released, and what are the versions of Windows programs like web browsers are currently installed on Windows, and if I am using the latest version of the software title, or not.

SUMo is a lightweight, simple, and fast software update monitoring software for Windows computers. Using SUMo is a good tool to use to quickly and automatically find software updates for your Windows software.

Learn more about SUMo, and download it at http://www.kcsoftwares.com/?sumo

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  • George March 5, 2018, 8:40 am

    Never thought of that. Might come in handy. Thanks for the info.

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