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RAM Cleanup – Free Up Used RAM in Google Android for Better Battery life, Faster Speed

RAM Cleanup for Google Android devices

RAM Cleanup is a very easy to use Free App to cleanup used RAM for Google Android, so Android uses less RAM. I like to run RAM Cleanup after I am done using a lot of apps which use up a lot of RAM, or when my Android device runs slower, and feels hot because of high CPU, and RAM usage which can cause my device to generate a lot of heat which makes the touchscreen, and the back of my device very hot to hold.

Users of RAM Cleanup will have more Free RAM to run apps like games, web browsers, and social networking apps which can use a lot of RAM By using RAM Cleanup to free up RAM your Android device will be faster, and use less battery life. RAM Cleanup will close background apps to make your device use less CPU cycles, and make your device run cooler without overheating problems. RAM Cleanup is very easy to use because you just need install RAM Cleanup, and tap on its App shortcut icon on your homescreen launcher to start the RAM Cleanup process. There is a simple animation of a man sweeping the floor, and  a line graph of how much RAM is being used, and how much RAM is free.

The Ram Cleanup task takes a few seconds to complete, and close its app, so it won’t take up much of your time when cleaning your RAM.

I notice that I usually get back 100-300 MB of free RAM after I run RAM Cleanup on my Asus Nexus 7 tablet with 1GB of RAM, and my Nvidia Shield tablet with 2 GB of RAM.

RAM Cleanup stops un-needed background tasks from running after the RAM Cleanup task has finished cleaning up your used RAM on your Android device.

RAM Cleanup seems to cleanup more RAM than other Task killers, and RAM Cleaner apps in my experience.

You can open the Settings for RAM Cleanup by tapping on a Gear icon on RAM Cleanup’s top right corner after RAM Cleanup finish cleaning your RAM.

In the Automatic Start App setting, you can set RAM Cleanup to launch apps like web browser, calculator, and video players installed on your device after RAM Cleanup has finish its RAM Cleaning tasks.

It is also possible to turn on and off Hyper Clean which stops background tasks, Quick Start, Auto Close which closes RAM cleanup automatically, Continuous Clean, Notification bar short cut, and Google Analytics in the Others section of settings. The Other section also have options to buy and activate the ad-free version which cost $2.59, read the terms and conditions, and change the language. You can also change the Bar graph color to a different color with the Circular color picker tool.

The default settings works well, so most users should not need to change the default settings in RAM Cleanup.

RAM Cleanup version 2.1’s App size is 2MB to download, and works with Google Android 4.1 Jellybean and up.

Download RAM Cleanup for free at Google Play at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.kosajun.easymemorycleaner

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