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Greenify – Hibernate Google Android apps save battery, free RAM, CPU resources

Greenify App hibernate for Google Android

Greenify is a simple to use free Hibernation App for Google Android. It is used to hibernate apps, so they are not running in the background. The reason you want to hibernate apps in Google Android is to keep them from running in the background which uses up Battery power, RAM, and CPU resources by having them start and run in the background while you use Android. Hibernated Apps also won’t restart automatically like stopping them with a Task Killer App. You need to use Greenify to restart the App, or launch the app again from your Google Android homescreen launcher to start the background app again.

Greenify also runs very lightly, and only uses 5M, and almost zero CPU and battery usage.

I found Greenify very easy to use because I just add the background apps which I want to not run in the background to Greenify’s hibernation list, and tap on the hibernation button to hibernate unwanted background apps to save battery power, free up RAM, and CPU resources.

Auto-Hibernation also now works on non-rooted devices, so I don’t even need to manually hibernate my background apps when using Greenify. There are also shortcuts to hibernate apps from the homescreen, hibernate apps and lock screen, and swipe up from home button to hibernate apps, and lock screen which makes using Greenify very fast, and easy to use for hibernating apps, and locking my device at the same time.

After using Greenify to stop third-party apps, and games running in the background of Google Android 5.1.1 Lollipop on my non-rooted Asus Google Nexus 7 2012 tablet with a Nvidia Tegra 3 1.3GHz CPU, 1GB of RAM, and 16GB of storage, I notice my tablet does not freeze as much, and slow down when I use it for browsing the web, and playing games. My tablet also no longer randomly restarts as often as before. Tablet power on Startup times, and shutdown times are faster as well. Launching Apps, and using the Settings App in Google Android is faster after I used Greenify to hibernate background apps. I also have more free RAM. Sometimes, Google Android has as much as 600+ MB of free RAM to use on my tablet. The homescreen launcher in Google Android also freezes, and slows down less after I use Greenify to hibernate my unwanted background Apps.

It is generally safe to hibernate background apps related to games, web browsers, media players, file managers, and other system utility apps with Greenify in my experience.

But, you should not hibernate RSS readers, to do list apps, chat, e-mail, alarm clock, proxy, task scheduling apps, and VPN apps which require to be always running in the background to send and receive data from the internet, and post notifications, or run the alarm clock to wake you up in the morning,

However, if you are not connected to the internet, or plan on playing a game or app where you don’t need apps like Instant Messengers running in the background, you can temporarily hibernate internet related apps like chat, e-mail, VPN, proxy, and other internet apps to save battery life, and make your device use less RAM, and CPU resources. When you need the app running in the background, you can un-hibernate them with Greenify.

Greenify Free does not hibernate Google Apps like Google Play, Google Android Settings, Google Hangouts, and Google services, so Greenify shouldn’t make your device unstable by hibernating an important app which Android needs to use to work properly, and not crash. When using Greenify, I did not get any problems which caused my tablet not to work properly when running Apps and games in Google Android 5.1.

The paid/donation version of Greenify would let you hibernate System Apps.

Some of Greenify features like experimental features like Boost Mode, Wakeup Tracker, and Block App State Abuse requires your device to be rooted, and you to install the Xposed Framework in Google Android.

Greenify is a simple to use App hibernation App which hibernate apps even on non-rooted Google Android devices. It is also easy to restart hibernated apps by using Greenify, or launching the hibernated App by tapping on the shortcut icon on the Google Android homescreen launcher to launch it. In my experience, it makes my Google Android 5.1.1 tablet run a lot faster and use less battery power power on my tablet after I use Greenify to hibernate Apps. I also have more free RAM, and CPU resources to run Apps, and games, so I experience fewer app freezes, random app restarts, and random restart problems.

Download Greenify at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.oasisfeng.greenify

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