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Advanced Task Killer Free – Quickly, and Easily stop background apps from running in Google Android

Advanced Task Killer Free is a simple to use App to quickly stop un-needed running programs in Google Android. Stopping backgrounds app could make games, and other apps run faster by freeing up RAM, and CPU resources by stopping apps from running.

Opening up Advance Task Killer only takes a few seconds, and stopping apps with it only takes a second or two in my experience even on slower and older devices.

I like that I can easily stop all background apps from running by using Advance Task Killer to stop them all at once by clicking on the Kill selected apps button. I can also setup Advance Task Killer to stop background apps from running every 30 minutes or more.

It is also easy to ignore certain Apps like social networking apps by unchecking them in Advance Task Killer.

Stopping background apps like social networking, web browser, and other apps can also save battery life because there is less apps running in the background. Stopping apps from running seem to make games, and Apps like web browsers run faster, and more stable with fewer crashes after I stop background apps with Advance Task Killer Free.

There is also a home screen widget to stop background apps with a tap of the widget.

I usually like using Adance Task Killer after starting up Google Android, and before running a big app like a web browser, game, or app, so I have more free RAM from stopping a lot of apps which start up after Android startup, and startup by themselves when I use Android.

Advance Task Killer Free is also only 95.7KB in size, so it uses up very little storage space on your smartphone, or tablet.

Advanced Task Killer Free is available at the Amazon App store, and Google Play for Google Android.

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