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Private Internet Browser for Google Android protects your browsing privacy

Private Internet Browser Google Android

Private Internet Browser is a free mobile privacy web browser for Google Android smartphones and tablets. It does not store your internet history, cookies, and cache when I exit the app because all Private Data / Cookies are deleted when I close Private Internet Browser. There are also no ads on this free web browser.

Private Internet Browser has tabs, an address bar, refresh button,  back, forward, and supports mobile video sites like YouTube. The appearance of the web browser looks similar to the Google Chrome web browser. The homepage for Private Internet Browser is Google.com.  Opening a New tab will also open up Google.com. You click on the + symbol on the right of the tab bar to open a new tab. You can also click the button with the three dots to open a new tab.

To open the settings, you need to long-tap(hold your finger) on a hidden button on the right of the web address input bar. Initial settings’ password is “password”.

In the settings, you can change the homepage, cookie settings, search engine, JavaScript turn on/off, Adobe flash player on/off, user agent settings, turn on full screen browsing, turn on/off locations, change the homepage link, change the password for the settings, clear cache, clear cookies, clear private browsing data, and change other settings in the settings.

Turning off Cookies, location access, and JavaScript also increases your online privacy even more because cookies, location access, and JavaScript programs can sometimes be used to track your browsing habits. You can also change the search engine for the address bar to DuckDuckGo.com which isa  private search engines which don’t store your private data.

Changing the user agent to desktop will display the desktop website, and trick the website into thinking you are browsing the web on a desktop PC instead of a mobile.

Private Internet Browser is based on the  free Lightning Browser which is one of the fastest, and simplest web browser for Google Android. The size of Private Internet Browser is only 187 KB in size, so it uses very little storage space on your mobile’s storage drive.

The web browser opens in 1-2 second after tapping on the shortcut icon for it on my Google Android’s home screen or All Apps. Internet Private Browser opens and runs very fast on my Google Android KitKat 4.4.2 on my 2012 Asus Google Nexus 7 tablet.

Using this web browser to visit website, and scrolling up and down websites is pretty fast in my experience. Websites also load pretty quickly on this web browser.

This web browser is also very  stable, and rarely crashes when I use it to browse the web, watch video on YouTube, and read blogs.

I also like that this web browser does not use a lot of screen space for the tabs bar, and address bar, so I can use the rest of the free space on the screen for viewing a website.

Private Internet Browser could be a good web browsers for quickly opening a website you want to keep private like your e-mail, bank, and social networking account page which you do not want other people to view by opening your history, and seeing what e-mail, bank, or social networking site you use.

It is also a good website to use to search the internet, and quickly open a website, but you want to automatically remove your search history on your browser by closing Private Internet Browser.

Using Private internet Browser is slightly faster than launching other mobile web browser like Chrome, Firefox, and Opera because Private internet browser starts up faster, and it is automatically set to a private/incognito tab/window, so you won’t need to go into the settings, and open up a private tab. There is also no chance that you will accidentally use a regular tab which keeps your private data as a private tab like otherweb browsers which has both a private and non-private browsing mode. Private Internet Browser only has a private browsing mode to protect your privacy. The address bar also does not show what previous sites you visited, and there is no history program on this browser.

There also no features in Private Internet Browser like notifications, bookmarks, autofill, screenshot, auto-open last visited website, etc which can make opening and using web browsers slower.

You can download Private Internet Browser at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.lechneralexander.privatebrowser

Private Internet Browser can run on Google Android 2.2 and up.

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