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Cooler Master Elite Power 460 Watt PC Power Supply – Great Power Supply for Budget Gaming Desktop PC

Cooler Master Elite Power 460Watt Power Supply is a great affordable power supply for a budget to medium price Gaming Desktop PC in the $500-700+ price range, and almost all regular desktop ATX tower PCs which are usually used for office work, watching video, video and sound editing, and web browsing.

A power supply is one of the most important parts when building a PC because a computer needs reliable power from a good power supply to provide good power which is enough power to power your computer parts, and protect your PC parts from being fried and damage by power problems like over current, and power surges.

A good 460W power supply can handle most budget gaming PC, and standard desktop tower computers.

My Cooler Master power supply fits my ATX Tower desktop case, and installing it was easy with the screws, and the cables were easy to plug into the motherboard, disc drives, cooling fans and hard drive.

The big fan on the power supply makes my computer run cooler, and prevent over heating, and heat damage problems which would make my PC last longer, and run more stable. The fan on this power supply is also quiet, so it won’t add much noise to my PC.

I have been using a Cooler Master 460W power supply for many years to power my desktop tower computer with an Intel Core2Dou 1.86GHz Dual-Core CPU, 2 Sticks of 512 MB DDR PC4200  533MHz DDR2 RAM, 320GB SATA2 hard drive, Nvidia GT 620 GTX 1GB video card, 1 DVD Writer drive, and 5 internal cooling fans. My Cooler Master power supply has been providing my computer with reliable power for many years, and I have not experience any problems with it. This power supply has very stable power where I can overclock my Nvidia Geforce GT620 with MSI Afterburners to 925mhz for the GPU and memory clock to 600mhz to play games at higher video qualities without experiencing power problems when playing PC games.

The cooling fan on the power supply is also pretty quiet, and helps cool my pc my blowing out hot air. There are enough power supply plugs to plug power into my SATA hard drive, DVD writer, motherboard, and cooling fans. It also has power plugs for more power hungry PCI-Express video card which require power from the power supply.

This power supply is also 70% power efficient, so it would save you power, and money on your power bill because it is more efficient than lower quality power supplies. It also has Multiple power protection (OVP/OCP/OPP/SCP) which protects your computer from power problems, so your PC will not break because of power problems, so your computer may last many years longer because it is being protected by power problems from Cooler Master Power supply protection features. It also EMI and Noise filter built into it to stop interference from breaking your PC.

The protective metal case on the power supply is pretty sturdy, and well built. It does not flex, or move around when I am holding it with my hands, and the screw holes match the holed on my desktop tower case. Screwing in screws into the power supply to mount it into my PC case is easy as well, and I do not need to turn the screw driver very hard to screw it in.

Installing a power supply is pretty easy to do. You normally just need to screw it in, and plug the power plugs into the motherboard, hard drive, disc drives, fans, and other things which need power. You just need to make sure not to plug in the plugs backwards.

The supplied power cable to plug the power supply into the wall’s power is thick, and high quality. There is also a power switch at the back of the power supply which is convenient for turning off the power if you plan on not using your PC for a long time, so it would not be using power to run stuff like the power switch on the front of the PC, and people will not accidentally turn on the PC by touching the power button. Turning off the power on a power supply stop dangerous power surges from damaging your PC because the power is off on your PC, so power surges can’t enter your PC.

It Support dual +12V1 and +12V2 outputs for higher power usage ,and have One 4+4 pin +12V CPU connector for high-end CPU.

This power supply has a Mean time between failures (MTBF) lifespan of 100,000 hrs which is about 11 years =(100000hrs/24hrs)/365days .

The 120MM fan, and honeycomb grill design will also help cool both your computer, and the power supply, so your PC does not overheat. The fan grill also allows a lot of air flow while also protecting yourself from the spinning fan. Bigger fans like 120MM fans make less noise because they spin slower while pushing more air. The fan also slows down when not as much air flow is needed, so it becomes quieter when you are not intensively using your computer. The fan will speed up when you use your PC for more power intensive tasks like PC Gaming, exporting video files, and watching high resolution HD video.

Cooler Master Elite Power 460 Watt PC Power Supply is one of the best affordable power supplies which can provide reliable power to ATX tower desktop computers which are used for gaming, office work, multimedia, etc.

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