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Crazy Browser – Fast Reliable Windows Tab Web Browser with Great Features

Crazy Tab Web Browser for Windows PC

Crazy Web Browser is a free Windows tabbed web browser which is fast, and has a lot of nice features like mouse gestures, plug-ins like COM Objects, Scripts and Executable Files, Tab Groups, Multimedia Data Loading, handle multiple monitor, tab status indicator, and web page loading.

The mouse gestures in Crazy Browser lets you control Crazy Browser by moving your mouse while holding down on a mouse buttons.

Crazy Browser also support Plug-ins like Adobe Flash Player, and ActiveX. I also like that it has built-in Flash blocking, and Pop-up ad blocker. You can also control the loading of multimedia, ActiveX, Images, Videos, etc on websites to make websites load and run a lot faster especially on slower computers, and slower internet connections where loading video and images can take many minutes. You can zoom in and out of websites in Crazy Browser to make text, images, and videos bigger and smaller in size.

In Crazy Browser, you can also open multiple website windows in side of a single browser task on a tab with its Tab grouping feature. The Tab status indicators is also very useful for seeing the status of a website being loaded, so I can browse another tab with a website which is done loading, and go to the tab when the status indicator on the tab tells me that a tab is done loading. When you use the middle button, which is your scroll wheel button, to click on links, the website link will open in a new tab.

Crazy Browser also supports multiple monitors for browsing the web with multiple monitors.

Using Crazy Browser is pretty fast, and web sites load pretty fast even on my older Windows XP computer with a single core CPU, and 512MB of RAM. It is also pretty reliable, and rarely crashes, and freezes in my experience. It also uses very little space on my hard drive since its installer size is only 0.7MB to download. Crazy Browser works for many versions of Windows like NT 4.0 and later, 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, and 7, so it works on many older computers.

Crazy Browser is a fast tabbed web browser for Windows which also has many great features like a pop-up blocker, flash blocker, and mouse gestures.

Download Crazy Browser for free at http://www.crazybrowser.com/

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