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ADW.Launcher for Google Android – Customizeable lightweight homescreen launcher

ADW Launcher for Google Android

ADW.Launcher is a great free homescreen launcher for your Google Android homescreen because it is very customizable where I can change the icons, rows, columns, wallpaper, add widgets to the homescreen, and do more tasks. It is also not very different compared to the default Google Android homescreen, so learning to use ADW.Launcher is pretty easy since there are not many new skills which I need to learn.

ADW is also very lightweight, and fast on Google Android. ADW rarely freezes, and the animations are smooth when I use it on my Asus Nexus 7 2012 Google Android 5.1 tablet, and older Kobo Vox 2011 tablet. There are also no ads, and app recommendations in ADW.Launcher. It also does not come with extra apps, icons, and shortcuts to download other apps.  ADW launcher uses very little RAM, and CPU resources. ADW.Launcher would not slow down your Google Android smartphone, tablet, and device.  According to the Running Cache processes, ADW.Launcher uses 16MB of RAM. ADW.Launcher works with older version of Google Android like 1.6 and up. ADW App size is also 2.5MB in size to download, so it can even be installed on smartphones and tablets with very little free space. Plus, it won’t use up a lot of data to download from Google Play’s Android App store.

The user interface of ADW is similar to the default Google Android launcher, but I can add or remove empty homescreen pages instead of being stuck with many homescreen pages, or not having enough pages for app icons and widgets. It is also possible to add Groups/Categories in the All Apps Drawer in ADW Launcher to organize my apps by category. It is also possible to hide unwanted apps in ADW.Launcher All Apps sections, and custom groups which I made. I can also make custom folders, and add widgets to the homescreen of ADW.Launcher like the regular Google Android Launcher. The Widgets, and homescreen in ADW are resizeable. I can change how the All Apps scroll. I make the All App Drawer scroll horizontally, or vertically by changing the scroll settings for All Apps in the ADW settings.

I can use the ADW.Launcher theme changer to easily customize the look of ADW.Launcher with thousands of custom skins, icon packs, wallpapers, and themes which I can download from Google Play, and other app stores.

It is also possible to change the Action Bar rotation and appearance settings in ADW Launcher. You can also hide the Action bar, and status bar in its settings to save space on your homescreen.  The Dock in ADW is also customizable  where you can rearrange the locations of the shortcut icons, and its look.

ADW also supports touch gestures for doing different launcher related tasks by swiping your finger a certain way like swiping your screen with 2 fingers downwards on your homescreen.

ADW.Launcher is a nice homescreen launcher for users who want to customize their Google Androids homescreen appearance, but also want a fast, lightweight, and simple Google Android launcher for launching their apps, and using Homescreen Widgets.


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  • Jahli February 17, 2016, 3:10 pm

    i have tried all of the solutions , and neehitr of them are working . when i first power up my phone , the FORCE CLOSE sign pops up. when i plugged in the usb cord it did not work . also when i tried the search part , it did not work also. any suggestions ?

    • Johnson Yip February 17, 2016, 5:13 pm

      I think you may need to do a Factory Reset on your smartphone to fix your phone problems. Your phone might be broken which means it needs to be repaired.

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