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Soul Movie for Google Android – Light small file size video player with Subtitles and YouTube Streaming

Soul Movie video player for Google Android

Soul Movie is a free lightweight, and fast video player for Google Android. It is also very easy to use.

I use Soul Movie Player to open a MP4 video file, and it plays well on Soul Movie.

It supports SMI, SRT, SBV and ASS/SSA subtitle files for videos. You can also adjust the Subtitle time sync, size , and position. The subtitle file need to be in the same folder as the video, and the same file name as video.

Soul Movie also has Subtitle mirroring for Side by side(SBS) video, ASS/SSA subtitle, Colored SMI, and Support Ruby tag.

It also Support SBS(Side by Side) 3D video

The video player also has Volume control, Brightness control, Volume Key reverse mode, Repeat A-B positions, seek bar,  resume play, and display remaining time (click duration).

There is a folder browser in Soul Movie, so you can open files quickly in folders.

Soul Movie also comes with a YouTube video viewer for searching for videos to view on it. You can also choose the video resolution which you want to view the YouTube video at. A lower video resolution will save bandwidth, and make load times faster for video which a higher video resolution would make the video look better, and use up more bandwidth which will increase your load times because of the bigger file size, and higher quality video.

The App size of Soul Movie video player is only 2.9 MB, and Soul Movie works for Google Android 2.3 and up. Soul Movie is a nice simple video player for smartphones and tablets which have very little free space on its storage drive.


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