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Folder Player – Fast simple light music player for Google Android

Folder Player for Google Android

Folder Player is a simple music player for Google Android. You uses Folders to organize music instead of playlists. It can play MP3 files, and  FLAC, WAV, AAC, WMA, etc if your device supports playing other non-MP3 audio file formats. Folder Player can browse and play audio files, folders, or full folder trees.

It has most of the standard features like song repeat, shuffle, song loop once or forever, next and previous track, volume, and equalizer with presets for different types of music like pop, and rock.

There is also song tagging to make playlists, and audio file search. It also has some basic file and folder management features like move, delete, and browse folders.

Folder Player also features integration with Bluetooth headphones, car, and Last.FM Scrobbler, pause during phone call, and navigational speech.

Folder Player has no advertisements on its apps.

I like the dark black, and gray user interface on Folder Player. The User interface makes it easy to use even in darker rooms. The buttons on Folder Players are large enough where they are easy to press.

There is also a notification remote app for Folder Player which shows up when you play a song with Folder Player. The Notification App for Folder Player lets me change to the next song, or pause the music.

I like how fast Folder Player launches, and how quickly I can start using it for playing audio files after I launch the player. I just need to tap on the play button on a folder, or individual song to play it. The audio quality is good when I use it to play songs.

Going to the next track, and previous track is simple in Folder Player.

Folder Player rarely crash when I use it in Google Android.

Folder Player file size is also very small at around 2 MBs , so it take up a little space on my storage drive for Google Android. This player is great for smartphones and tablets with very little free space left on it.

Folder Player is a great music players for users who like to play music which are organized in folders. It also runs very well, and does not slow down Google Android, or use much battery power, so Folder Player is a good music player app for older and slower Google Android devices.


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