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Puffin Web Browser Free quickly plays flash video and games in Google Android

Puffin Mobile Web Browser for Google Android Smartphone and tablets

Puffin Browser is a free mobile web browser for Google Android which can play flash video, and games on Google Android with the latest version of Adobe Flash Player which is installed on Puffin’s cloud servers. It plays flash videos and games very quickly compared to using the Adobe Flash Plug-in which you need to install in Android. It uses Cloud technology to stream flash video, and games to Puffin which is installed in Google Android.

Puffin runs very fast on my Asus Google Nexus 7 2012 tablet, and Puffin loads websites very fast on my WiFi wireless home network because it has online website compression technology which also saves me bandwidth data. Puffin web browser rarely crashes, or freezes when I use it on my tablet. It also starts up in only a few seconds after I tap on its shortcut launcher icon on my Google Android launcher, or the All Apps section of the launcher.

Puffin is easy to learn how to use since it looks similar to other web browser with navigational buttons, address bar, bookmarks, tabs, menu, stop and refresh button. It also uses very little screen space, so there is more space to display websites.

When I use Puffin to play HD Flash videos from sites like DailyMotion, YouTube, Metacafe, News Sites, and other flash video sites, the video loads very quickly, and does not slow down. There is also a theater mode in Puffin to play video, and games in fullscreen.

Puffin can also play HTML5 videos on mobile sites which uses HTML5 video to playback video instead of Flash. HTML5 video also runs fast on Puffin, and loads quickly, and plays smoothly even in Full Screen HD video mode.

In my experience, Puffin is the best web browser for browsing YouTube because it loads videos in YouTube quickly, and video does not buffer or slowdown when I play it back in Puffin.

Websites also load very quickly when I use Puffin Web browser. Puffin has a revolutionary JavaScript engine and uses cloud computing technology. It is faster than the built-in browser by up to 550% according to Puffin. It also uses online website compression technology which makes websites file size smaller, so they download faster, and you use less data on your cell phone plan. Puffin claims to save up to 90% of your data when browsing regularly like reading blogs, and forums, or posting status updates to Facebook or Twitter. Using less data helps you at not going over your data cap, so you won’t need to pay overage fees, or subscribe to a more expensive data plan because using Puffin will help you save more data when on a Cellular wireless network.

Puffin web browser also have download to cloud which downloads your files to online storage services like DropBox, Google Drive, One Drive instead of your device, so you can download files faster to online storage services while saving bandwidth data, and storage on your mobile device.

There is also a virtual laptop like trackpad built-into Puffin which makes browsing desktop sites, and clicking on smaller links, images, and videos easier, and faster than using your finger. The Trackpad also has a scroll bar which makes scrolling up and down websites faster.

Puffin comes with a virtual touchscreen gamepad for playing flash games on the gamepad like touchscreen mobile games with a virtual gamepad, and buttons on the games. The Gamepad also lets you change the assigned button to different buttons on a keyboard for playing flash games with different button commands.

There is an incognito private browsing where all your history, and private data is not saved when you browse the web in private incognito mode. All traffic from Puffin web browser is encrypted on their cloud service which also runs Puffin’s flash player and the web browser, so you can browse safely on an encrypted connection even on public un-protected WiFi networks. You can also use Puffin to visit banned websites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc on a Wireless network at school or work because the service provider can’t read your data transmission, so it can’t ban what it can’t see because your traffic is encrypted.

Puffin also has features found in other web browsers like tabs, bookmarks, color themes, add-ons, downloads, mobile website view, desktop website view, add Bookmark to launch screen, autofill, password saves, and social sharing.

Puffin is a great web browser for easily playing flash content on a mobile device, and browsing desktop websites. It is also great at browsing mobile websites as well because of its fast load times, and faster performance compared to other web browsers which I used on Google Android.

You can download and install Puffin Web Browser from https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.cloudmosa.puffinFree

In the free version of Puffin web browser, Flash is only turned on between 6AM-6PM. You need to subscribe to the paid version to have All Day Flash Player support. Downloading files to online storage services like Dropbox, and Google drive is limited to 20MB files for Puffin Free and 1GB for Puffin Free with Premium Download.

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