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Epiphany Web Browser – Fast light Web browser for Linux Operating Systems

Epiphany Web Browser for Linux

Epiphany Web Browser is one of the fastest and lightest web browsers for Linux. Epiphany is based on the WebKit Web Browser layout engine which is the same web browser engine which Apple Safari, and older versions of Google Chrome uses, so most websites should display correctly in Epiphany because it uses the WebKit Web layout engine used in many other browsers.

Epiphany web browser is a very minimalistic web browser with not a lot of features, and a very simple user interface with just back, forward, website address text box, settings, scroll bar, title bar. and close button. The tab bar is also hidden when only one tab is open, and the tab bar appears when two or more tabs are open. It is a nice web browser for using on a smaller low resolution monitor because Epiphany use less screen space than other web browsers.

Epiphany is now called Web in GNOME Linux Desktop environment. It is also bundled with GNOME.

Epiphany is a very light web browser. It is so light that it can run well even on a less powerful Raspberry Pi 1 micro computer which only uses a 700 MHz single Core Mobile/ARM CPU, and 512MB of RAM which it also shares with the video chip. Epiphany runs very fast on my older Lubuntu 14.10 based desktop with an Intel Core2Dou Dual-Core 1.86GHz CPU, 3GB of RAM, 320GB hard drive, and Nvidia 620 1GB video card. When I click on the Epiphany shortcut on my Lubuntu Internet programs menu, it launches in seconds. Epiphany runs pretty fast when multiple tabs are open, and after using it for an hour or more. It also rarely crashes, and freezes in my experience.

Epiphany has most of the features which your standard web browser has like bookmarks, tabs, most visited websites in the tab page, address bar, navigational buttons, saved passwords, Flash support for sites like DailyMotion, YouTube, and Flash games. It also supports JavaScript, and HTML5 for playing video, and games which use HTML5 and JavaScript to run.

You can also save websites as a web app instead of a bookmark which launches websites within the Epiphany bookmarks menu. Epiphany web apps launch websites in an Epiphany Window without an address bar, and other features. A web app icon would be places on your App launcher in GNOME 3 desktop environment after you save a website as a web app. You need to have the GNOME 3 desktop environment or use the Unity LightDM Ubuntu environment installed in Linux to use Epiphany web apps.

It is also very easy to clear the history, make bookmarks, browse in incognito private browsing mode, and make changes to Epiphany’s settings.

Epiphany is a great web browser for older Linux computers, and users who want a very minimalistic web browser which has  Adobe Flash, JavaScript, CSS and HTML5 support which is not always available on other minimalistic web browsers.

Learn more about Epiphany Web Browser at https://wiki.gnome.org/Apps/Web

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