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Bluestack App player for using Google Android Apps in Windows XP-8/8.1

Bluestack App player is an easy to use app player for running Google Android Apps in Windows. I use BlueStack mainly to play Gameloft Asphalt 8 Racing game app on a computer with a keyboard by mapping the touchscreen controls to physical keys on my USB keyboard. Using a keyboard and mouse is a great way to get high scores in games like Racing, RPG, and fighting games where a keyboard, and mouse is more accurate than touch and tilt controls on a tablet, or smartphone. I use an keyboard on-screen button mapping App called Game Keyboard which is available on Google Play Store.

Sometimes, it is more fun, and easier to use Android Apps on a big screen found on laptops, and desktops with a keyboard and mouse running Windows. I also experience fewer lag slowdown problems using Android Apps in Bluestacks even on my older computer running Windows 8.1 with a 1.86 GHz CPU, 3GB of RAM, 320GB storage, and Nvidia GT620 1GB video card.  Bluestacks requires at least 2GB or more RAM to run smoothly, and a faster video card and CPU to run 3D and more graphically intensive games.

Bluestacks emulates Android in a Window, and can also be viewed in Full-Screen mode. You can change the launcher, and wallpaper in Android, and also customize the settings in Android in Bluestacks. You use your keyboard, and mouse to open, and use Android apps in Bluestacks, and also to use Android. Bluestacks is useful for running Android apps on Windows to make screencast videos of Android apps for YouTube, and other video sites, and make screenshot images to post on a blog because Windows has a lot of good screen casting, and screen capturing software for recording Windows desktop, and programs running on Windows.

Installing Bluestacks in Android is also pretty easy to do. I just need to download it from its website, and open the installer file to install it in Windows.

Opening Bluestacks to run Android on my computer is pretty fast. It takes only about a minute or less to open it up to run Bluestacks. Opening Apps in Bluestacks is fast as well, and there is very little or no slow down problems in my experience. One of the advantages of using Bluestacks on a wired networking connection like Ethernet, cable, DSL, or fiber found on Desktops and laptop PCs is that it is faster than downloading apps and files on Wi-Fi, and a wireless Data plan on a smartphone or tablet. I notice large apps in the hundreds of MBs to GBs only take a few minutes or less to download instead of hours.Cable, DSL, Fiber, and other wired data connections also do not have small data caps, and you can usually download up to 100GB or more per month on most internet plans in North America. Some Cable, DSL, and Fiber plans offer unlimited downloads, and don’t have data caps.

I also do not have to worry about running out of free space as much when installing apps in Bluestacks because I have many GBs of free space on my Windows PC compared to a smartphone, or tablet which may not have much free space because it only comes with 8-16GB of space, and bloatware, pre-bundled apps, and Android itself can use many GBs of space. If I root Bluestacks, you can even uninstall apps like Google Keyboard which comes with Bluestack.

Using Bluestacks also can protect your privacy since there are a lot of privacy apps for Android like Tor, private web browsers, VPN apps, and history cleaners. Also, Apps can’t read your text messages, and other personal info since the app is not installed on a phone, so your information is safer by using apps in Bluestacks where apps can’t access information which you don’t have on Bluestacks. You can even make a secondary Gmail account to use Bluestacks which hide your regular e-mail from apps and services in Android.

I watch a few videos on rooting and customizing Bluestack’s Android operating system, and it seems a lot easier than rooting a physical smartphone, and tablet, so if you need to test or use an app with root permissions, using a rooted Bluestack program on your computer could be a good alternative compared to rooting your smartphone or tablet which may make your device not work if you do not know what you are doing.

Bluestacks is a good way to quickly, and easily run Google Android apps on your Windows XP-8/8.1 PC, or tablet for free.

Bluestacks is great for Window tablets because Windows 8.1, and below do not have as many touchscreen apps as Google Play for Android which has a lot of apps, games, wallpaper, widgets, and services.

Download App Player Bluestacks for Windows at http://www.bluestacks.com/app-player.html

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