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Flit Keyboard for Google Android – fast, and small file size onscreen sliding Keyboard

flit Keyboard

Flit Keyboard is one of the smallest file sized Google Android keyboard apps on Google Play. It is just 117 K in size which is smaller than a lot of picture files on websites. It is also very fast, and lightweight since it uses under 10MB of RAM when I check Google Android App’s Running Apps section. I seen it use as less as 5MB of RAM sometimes. Flit Keyboard also shows up very quickly when I tap on a text box like the address bar on web browsers, or text box on online login forms on websites. The low RAM usage of Flit Keyboard would let your other Apps have more free RAM and CPU resources which would improve your smartphone and tablets performance, and have better battery life because Flit Keyboard uses less RAM, and CPU resources. This keyboard is one of the best keyboards for older smartphones, and tablets with less RAM, and a slower CPU because this keyboard system resource usage is very low compared to other keyboard apps which may use 30MB or more RAM.

I also find Flit Keyboard one of the easiest to use onscreen sliding keyboards since I just need to slide my finger short distances to type out a  letter, number, or symbol.  The accuracy of the typing is pretty good. I’m able to type multiple words with few errors by sliding my fingers on the keyboard. The lines and arrows on the keyboard are useful for learning how to use it, and where to slide my fingers to quickly type out a letter or number. The Keyboard also never crashes when I used it, and I don’t experience any freezing problems when using the keyboard.

The maker of Flit Keyboard says this keyboard is good for smaller touchscreens like on cheaper 3-4 inch smartphones, and smartwatches.

There are also a few different keyboards built-into flit like QWERTY or AZERTY, number pad. It also has a customizable layout, and shortcut keys. It is also possible to change the transparency of the keyboard.

Flit Keyboard supports plug-ins to add more features to it, change layout, and appearance.

Flit Keyboard works for Google Android 1.6 and up. I use it on Android 5.0, and it works pretty well when I use it to type out words on my touchscreen Google Android Asus Nexus 7 2012 tablet.

You can download Flit Keyboard at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.locnet.flitkeyboard

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