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Null Keyboard for Google Android which turns off all touchscreen keyboards, and does nothing

Null Keyboard

Null Keyboard is a keyboard app which is a blank keyboard which does nothing, and its main purpose for me is to hide the touchscreen keyboard. This keyboard app is useful if you use a real wired, or wireless Bluetooth keyboard to type on Android tablets, and smartphone, and don’t use the touchscreen keyboard. This keyboard app is good for cheap tablets which comes bundled with a keyboard case for $80-100, but may not come with the software and apps which hide the onscreen keyboard when you plug in a keyboard case into the tablet, and using this app instead of the regular keyboard app may make your cheaper tablet, and smartphone with less RAM, and a slower CPU run slightly faster than having the regular keyboard app running in the background. Null stops Google Keyboard and other Keyboard apps from popping up when you use a physical keyboard to type on your device. Using Null Keyboard could make your device run slightly faster, and use less battery life because of the low RAM of this keyboard app compared to other keyboard apps which can use 30MBs of RAM, or more.

Null Keyboard could also be useful for playing mobile games since you generally don’t need to type anything when playing games. Using Null Keyboard when playing games could make your games freeze less, and frame rates faster in games if your phone does not has a lot of free RAM because of a lot of background apps and services, or your device only has 512MB-1GB of RAM, and is using Google Android 4.1 and above. I like the extremely low RAM usage of under 5MB most of the time when I check the Running Apps section of Google Android App app settings. It also does not use much CPU percentage, so Null keyboard is extremely lightweight since it does nothing.  The low CPU, and RAM usage of Null can make other apps like games, web browsers, media players, etc run faster, and improve the battery life of your smartphone or tablet.

The App is only 19K in size which is smaller than most picture files on websites.

To change to Null Keyboard after you installed it from Google Play, you need to turn it on in the Input and Keyboard settings, and make Null your current keyboard. To switch back to your regular, you need to select your regular keyboard as your current keyboard in the Google Android Input, and keyboard settings.

You can download Null Keyboard for free at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.wparam.nullkeyboard

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