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SlimJet Web Browser – Fast Easy to use browser with many features

SlimJet Fast Web Browser

SlimJet Web browser is a fast, easy to use web browser which also has many features. It also can install a lot of add-ons and custom themes from the Chrome Web Store, so you can customize it to your needs. SlimJet is made by FlashPeak the same web browser maker which makes the Slim Browser for Windows, and SlimBoat Web Browser for Windows and Linux.

Slimjet uses the Blink web layout engine found in other popular browsers like Chromium and Google Chrome. It also has a lot of features built-in like auto-fill, private browsing, secure browsing features to prevent malware and phishing attacks, Windows 8 browsing mode, customization tool bar, Facebook Integration, Photo Enhancement & Photo Framing, Instant Photo Upload, weather, URL Alias, customization new tabs page, language translator, and many options and settings.

The User interface for Slimjet is nice, and easy to use. When SlimJet is maximize it also uses less screen space, so it is good for lower resolution and smaller monitors. I like that the tabs are square instead of round like other web browsers. It also has all the standard features like back, forward, refresh, stop, bookmark, address bar, add-ons, extensions, and support for web plug-ins like Adobe Flash Player. There is also a Bookmark side panel/bar similar to the bookmark bar in other web browser instead of just a bookmark menu, or bar like more minimal web browser. The Bookmark panel is useful for going to many sites at once.  There is also a bookmark manager for easily managing bookmarks in SlimJet.

It is also possible to edit the new tabs page to show your Chrome Apps, or speed dial bookmarks to quickly use apps, or open a speed dial bookmark.

You can also easily sync your Google Accounts Bookmarks, extensions, Chrome apps, autofill, and other settings to SlimJet.

Slimjet has a Memory Optimizer in its settings which optimize your RAM, so Slimjet has more free RAM to run faster even on older slower computers like Netbooks, older desktops, and laptops, and tablets which have 2GB or less RAM, and a slower CPU, or newer computers which use the Windows 8.1 with Bing, Windows Vista Basic, Windows 7 starter edition operating system which is usually installed on slower tablets, laptops, and desktops.

I have been using SlimJet for a few weeks. Slimjet runs quickly on my older desktop computer with only 3GB of RAM, 1.86 GHz Dual-Core Intel Core2Dou CPU, 320GB hard drive, Nvidia GT 620 1GB video card, and Windows 8.1 as the operating system. SlimJet runs a lot faster than other more popular web browsers which I used on my computer. It also is very stable, and reliable. I could be using Slimjet for many hours with many tabs open, and not experience any crashes, slow down problems, and freezes when browsing the web with SlimJet. The browser also starts up, and closes very fast in Windows.

SlimJet is a great web browsers for computer users who want a fast web browser which is easy, and has many useful features like a bookmark manager.

Download Slimjet for free at http://www.slimjet.com/

SlimJet is compatible with Windows XP and above. There will also be a version of SlimJet which will work for Linux which will be release soon.

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  • scot vonda November 19, 2015, 12:50 pm

    Slimjet is a faster & better browser with better security options and features compared to other browsers.

    It is a good browser for commercial or personal use.

    There are a lot of good features which makes it a fit for a default browser

    Features in Latest version

    – Ad Blocker
    – Turbocharged Download Manager(Multiple download processes)
    – WebRTC & Canvas fingerprinting disable
    – Photo Salon
    – Social sharing on various platforms
    – Proxy switcher

    It does not crash like Chrome and gives similar speed and fast computing.

    • Johnson Yip November 20, 2015, 1:15 am

      Wow, Slimjet latest version has a lot of nice features now. The Turbocharged Download Manager, Photo Salon, and Proxy Switcher sounds like features I am very interested in trying out.

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