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Affordable Simple Computer Tool Kit for fixing a Desktop or Laptop computer

Computer repair tools for fixing a desktop or laptop computer are very affordable since they can cost as little as $20 or less if you buy the tools as a bundled kit on Amazon, eBay, or on sale at a store. Computer tools are also pretty easy to use since most computer parts like Power supply, PCI expansion cards, PCI Express and AGP video cards,  and hard drives are screwed to the computer case with Philips cross head screws of different sizes after you inserted your parts into an AGP, PCI, PCI-Express card slot, hard drive or optical drive bay or adapter. It is important to use screw drivers made for computer repair to avoid damaging your computer, or the screws. The screw drivers and other tools like pliers, wire stripper, wire cutters, and tongs are also not magnetized like some screw drivers and tools made for wood working to make picking up wood screws easier. Magnets can damage a computer, and its data.

Using your own computer tool kit  which you bought at an online  store to repair your own computer is cheaper than going out to buy a new computer when one or more parts like RAM, video card, and hard drive can easily be replaced for under $50 in many cases if you buy and install the part yourself. Repairing your own PC is also cheaper than bringing it to an electronics or computer repair store to repair your PC. It will probably be cheaper buying your tools as a kit rather than going to a computer store which sell computer repair tools like soldering irons, different types of screw drivers, and other tools for higher prices. Tools from a computer tool kit are also higher quality than some tools sold for low prices at a discount store.

The Rosewill 45 Piece Premium Computer Tool Kit is a good general purpose computer tool kit which you can buy for under $20 on Amazon.

The toolkit is designed for repairing, building, and upgrading most types of computers like desktop computers and laptops. You can also use these tools for fixing, and repairing other household electronics like DVD players because many DVD players use similar screws found on desktop computers. It comes with most of the common screw driver types like flat head, Philips cross head, HEX, and other screwdriver heads which you would need to unscrew to remove, and upgrade parts on a desktop computer, and laptop. The tools are also de-magnetized, so they won’t damage your magnetic data storage devices, and your computer parts which are easily damaged by magnetic fields. It also comes with other tools like pliers, wire strippers, soldering iron, needle nose pliers, wire cutter, small screw driver, screw bits, Wide tongs, narrow nosed tongs, Allen Key set, Long narrow screw driver, razor knife, Cable Cutter/crimper, different hex socket wrench bits, grabber tool, flash light and dusting brush.

The Toolkit also comes with an anti-static wristband which you wear, and connect to a metal part inside of your metal PC case to protect your computer from static electricity which can break computer parts. It also comes.

There are also anti-static mats for protecting your computer parts like motherboards, and video cards when you work on them on a mat, and increase your anti-static protection instead of just using an anti-static wristband. Make sure to keep the anti-static bags which come with your computer parts because they are useful for safely storing your parts, and protecting them from static.

If you need to test your power supply on your desktop computer, there are affordable power supply testers which are very easy to use. You just need to unplug your power supply from your motherboard, and remove it from your desktop computer, plug in the power supply 20-24 pin motherboard power adapter into the power supply tester, and plug in/turn-on your power supply into the wall’s power outlet to see if your power supply is working, failing, or broken.

The zippered case is also a good case for easily organizing, and carrying your tools around, so you do not lose them.

In my experience, a basic computer tool kit, anti-static mat, and power supply testers are good enough to repair all the common computer repair I need to do like upgrading a computer’s ram, replacing a hard drive, installing a new video card, etc.

Computer tool kits are an affordable, simple, and convenient way to fix your computer yourself after you learned how to replace the computer part, repair the computer part, or upgrade the part.

Learning to use computer tools will teach you useful computer repair skills which would be useful when you need to quickly fix your computer, and other people’s computer, so you can use it again for doing important tasks like e-mail, home work, office work, photo editing, and online banking.

I also recommend a digital camera, or camcorder to record your progress, so you can more easily remember how to plug in a cable to which port on your drives, and motherboard. A notepad is useful for writing down how to fix stuff, or how you fix something, so you do not forget how to fix something.

Before you start working inside your computer you should Shut down your computer, Turn it off, and unplug your computer from the wall’s power outlet before you fix, upgrade, or clean them. If your laptop, tablet, or computer has a battery, you should also remove them before you work on them to avoid harming yourself, and your computer.

Amazon has a lot of affordable eBooks, and physical books like Upgrading and Repairing PCs (21st Edition) on computer repair, and upgrading.

Learning to fix your own computer for free is pretty easy with the huge number of free online computer repair video tutorials on sites like YouTube. Your local library may have books on computer repair as well. There are also a lot of free computer repair help websites online which have tutorials for fixing a desktop and laptop computer. Social networks like Facebook, Reddit, Google+, etc also have fan pages for learning about computer building, upgrading, and repairs.

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