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Hide System Bar App – Makes Google Android’s homescreen and App full screen hiding notification and navigational bar

hide system bar

Hide System Bar by Dreamori is a free App for Google Android which hides Google Android’s top notification bar, and bottom navigation bar without the need to root Google Android. Hiding the system in Android frees up almost 1 inch of space on my 7 inch tablet, and not having the notification bar and system bar showing makes reading, playing games, web browsing, and watching videos better because I can have a bigger picture, or view more of a website or text on an eBook. It is also less distracting because there are no notifications, and system bar icon distracting me. Using Hide System Bar makes my screen look bigger because there are no black system bar using up my screen space, so this is a good app for smaller smartphones and tablets.

Hide System Bar is useful for playing games like Angry Birds and video where you do not need the notification, or navigational bar to play a game, or watch a video.  For games like Fruit Ninja where you need to swipe the top or bottom of the screen a lot will show the navigational system bar, and notification bar which would interfere with your gaming.

I also like using this App when web browsing on a browser with back and forward buttons on the address bar, reading long documents, viewing pictures, and doing other tasks.

Hide System Bar can easily hide and show the system bars for Android by swiping upwards from the bottom of the screen, or swiping downwards from the top of the screen. You can also show and hide the system bar from a button in the notification message area in Android, or by using opening Hide System Bar app where there are options to hide or show the system bar, and notification bar. It is also possible to change the amount of time the Android system bars show in Hide System Bar App.  It is also possible to hide system bars after startup. There is also an option in Hide System App to create a notification button to easily show and hide Google Android’s system bars by tapping on its button in the notification message area.

Hide System Bar’s app runs pretty fast, starts up quickly and rarely crashes when I use it on Google Android.

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Hide System Bar is an easy, fast, and free way to hide your system bars, and getting back more free screen space for viewing more text, watching a bigger full screen game, or video.

Hide System Bar works on Google Android 2.2-4.4 and up. It is also only 692 KB/O.68 MB in size which is smaller than the size of a high quality jpeg picture files, so Hide System Bar uses very little space on your smartphone or tablet storage.

You can download Hide System Bar at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.dreamori.hidebar

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