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Well File Manager – Simple, Clean, and Reliable Google Android File Manager App

Well File Manager

Well File Manager is a File Manager App for browsing Google Android’s storage, SD cards, and external drives. It can copy,  cut, paste, rename and delete a file or multiple files and folder easily. It can also compress, and uncompress files and folders in Zip files.  It also can show and hide hidden files in its file manager. You can also long press on a file, and pick details to see the properties like size, type, location, etc of the file or folder.

I like the simple flat 2D design of  Well File Manager. It is easy to select multiple files at once with the Check boxes or select all buttons, so I can easily copy, cut, paste, or delete more than one file at once in Well File Manager. There are also thumbnail images of video, pictures, and App APK files for more easily finding files by looking at the thumbnail image.

There are also sections in this File Manager for only viewing pictures, video, music, and apk app installer files to make finding pictures, video, music, and apk app installer faster than searching for them in the File Manager.

This File Manager also has a built-in search engine for finding files and folders by searching with keywords.  You can also share files with Well File Manager.

You can view files as a list, or a grid with rows and columns in File Manager. Well File manager can sort files and folders by name, size, date modified, and type. This File manager can also show you the status of your storage, and show you how much used space is used, the total space of your device, and free space on your device.

It is also possible to share your files with others by wireless Bluetooth. You can also use Well File Manager to make home screen shortcut of the files on your device, so you can launch files and folders from your homescreen.

For audio and music files, you can add them to your music playlists on your Android device.

After using Well File Manager for a few weeks, it has been pretty reliable. It has not crashed, or slow down Google Android. It seems to load faster than other file managers which I used in the past. Plus, it is only 1.9 MB to download, and works with Google Android 4.0 and up.

You can download Well File Manager at Google Play at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.fihtdc.filemanager

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