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F-Stop Media Gallery for Google Android – Great image viewer organizer App

F-Stop Media Gallery is a nice feature rich, but easy to use image viewer for Google Android. It supports image tagging, albums, rating images, password protecting images, and favoriting images. You can also organize your videos, so they are easier to find on your Android smartphone, or tablet, but F-Stop does not play video, so you would need to use your Gallery/Picture App, or another video player app to open video files. It can also open Animated Gif, and play the Animated Gif within F-Stop Media Gallery.

F-Stop has a slide show mode with slide and fade transition. Pictures can be viewed at their original size, or in full screen.

F-Stop is also very fast at starting up, and loading images in only a few seconds.

Finding images is easy because it supports thumbnail images which are small pictures of larger picture stored on my phone. Plus, once I tag them by typing tags for my pictures, I can search for my photos and video by tag. Tags are like categories for categorizing my pictures. It also supports metadata from programs like Picasa™, Windows Live™ Photo Gallery, Lightroom®, and Aperture® to help you categorize your photos easily by using tags and metadata you made with Desktop image editors. For example, a picture of a fish would be tag with the word fish. I can also put photos into albums for storing different category, or kinds of pictures into certain albums which I make in F-Stop.
It is also possible to select multiple images at once to tag, put in album, and do other things with. I just need to press down on each image or video which I want to tag, put in an album, or do other tasks with.

F-stop also let me favorite my favorite images, and rate images by rating, so I can find my favorite videos and images which I highly rated.

For private videos and images which I don’t want other people to see, I can put it in my private photos which also supports private albums. Before anyone could see the photos or videos, they need to enter in a password which I made during the first time I used the private folder.

It also supports basic file operations like copy, move, delete and rename.

There is also an edit button which let you edit your images with gallery, PicSay Pro, Photo Editor, AfterFocus Pro, Camera ZOOM FX, PicsArt and more.

You can also share pictures using popular apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Dropbox, Picasa, Skitch, Evernote, Google+ and more.

F-Stop has been one of the easiest image viewers, and organizers which I used, and it has more features than the default Google Android Gallery App and Google+ Picture/Photo app.

F-Stop is available for free at the Google Play App Store and at Amazon at F-Stop Media Gallery

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