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Smart Launcher Free – Speeds Up Older Slower Google Android Smartphone Tablets

Smart Launcher Free is an alternative fast lightweight homescreen launcher/desktop for Google Android. A Launcher is the homescreen which is the screen you first see when you unlock your phone after you turned it on. One of the great things about Google Android is that you can install alternative launchers if you do not like the default launcher for Android, or Touch Wiz on Samsung Android phones.

Smart Launcher has been one of the fastest, and easiest to use Google Android Homescreen launchers which I ever use on my Google Android tablets. It is also very customizable, so I can change the look of Smart Launcher in a few minutes. It also does not slow down my tablets, and drains my battery like other launchers I tried.

I notice after installing Smart Launcher on my Google Android Nexus 7 2012 16GB Wi-Fi Android tablet, the icons/shortcuts don’t disappear for a few seconds after Google Android 4.3 Jellybean starts up when I turn on my tablet like other launchers including the default launcher which I tried where the Icons on the homescreen randomly disappear for a few seconds after I turn on my tablet which is annoying when I need to quickly launch an app like the web browser to search for how to do something, but I can’t because the icon is not loaded, and I need to wait many seconds for it to appear, so I can click on them to launch an app like a web browser. There was also some slowdown after the icons appeared.  Fixing this problem was as simple as installing Smart Launcher Free which does not have disappearing icons after startup, and no slowdown problems  like other launchers I used in the past.

Smart Launcher also works pretty fast on my older Kobo Vox Google Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread tablet with only 512MB of RAM, and a single core CPU.

It is also only 1.5MB in size, so it does not take up as much storage space in Google Android compared to other launchers which use 10MB or more. There are launchers which are under 1MB in size, but I notice they have fewer features, look ugly, may use more RAM than Smart Launcher, are more difficult to use, and are not as reliable as Smart Launcher free.

Apps installed in Android  seem to launch a little faster after I open them from the homescreen, and Apps don’t freeze as often or long  when using Smart Launcher as my launcher. Smart Launcher also only uses about 11MB of RAM according to the Android Running Apps section in the settings for Apps. Smart Launcher also does not come bundle with widgets, and just has a clock widget on the top of Smart launcher , so there are not a lot of widgets slowing down Android like other launchers. I can also remove the clock if I find that it is un-needed because the system notification bar in Android already has a clock at the top right of the screen. It is also possible to remove the clock, and replace it with another homescreen widget like a Task Killer widget to kill un-needed task to free up more RAM. The Quick search feature in Smart Launcher seem to find apps faster than the Google Search App.

Smart Launcher could also improve your battery life since it uses very little RAM, and CPU cycles, so it uses less power than other more heavy launchers with lots of animations and widgets which may also slow down your mobile when the animations and widgets are running sucking up your batteries’ power.

Smart Launcher will organizes your apps into different categories like Internet, office,  games,  utilities, and settings, so finding apps are easy to find in the All Apps section also called the App Drawer. Adding Shortcuts to the homescreen is easy. I just need to hold my finger on my screen, and click on the +(plus) button when it appears to add an App to the App screen. I like that the homescreen displays the App in a Circular flower presentation, so Apps are easy to find.  Sometimes Apps are categorize wrong on the App Drawer/All Apps section, but you can drag and drop the apps to the right section manually to put the app in the right category. You can also search for apps by letter which are installed on Android from the All Apps search engine in Smart Launcher. Smart Launcher also works great for both tablet, and smartphones, and don’t look like it was made for only one type of mobile device, so you can easily use it for both devices, and have the same easy to use experience. I also like the circular frames which surround each icon which make them easier to quickly spot, and click on. Smart Launcher also supports icon packs, wall paper, and themes  from other launcher brands like ADW Launcher, Apex Launcher, Nova Launcher and Launcher Pro, and I can very easily change the wallpaper to any bigger sized picture which I have on my tablet. If you do not like the look of the Smart Launcher icon circle, you can change it back to rows and columns like the default launcher in Android.

Smart Launcher is one of the best free launchers for older and slower phones, and tablets running the Google Android mobile operating system because it uses very little RAM, and it is easy to use because it categorizes all your apps for you automatically. It is also a great launcher for users who want to squeeze all their performance out of their mobile phone and tablet, so they have more free RAM for gaming, multimedia, productivity, and web browsing apps which perform better when there is more free RAM.

Smart Launcher is also a great launcher for people who are new to Google Android, but used desktop operating systems like Windows, Ubuntu, and Linux Mint because the All Apps/App Drawer in Smart Launcher is very similar to the Start Menu in Windows XP and above.

You can download Smart Launcher from Google Play by searching for Smart Launcher Free, or you can go to the Amazon Apps store to download Smart Launcher Free

In the near future, Google Android 4.4 Kit Kat would be released, so if your phone or tablet gets updated to Android 4.4, it should be faster because Android 4.4 KitKat will be optimized to run well even on phones with only 512MB of RAM. If you own a Nexus 4, Nexus 7, and Nexus 10 device from Google, your device would be updated to Android 4.4, so after your phone or tablet gets updated to 4.4, and you are using Smart Launcher Free, your device should run very quickly.

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  • Cliff February 23, 2014, 3:27 pm

    Hey, I can’t seem to find the option to hide/remove the clock on my homescreen. Would you tell me how? I can’t find it in the option, there’s only change color and clock style.

    • Johnson Yip February 23, 2014, 8:32 pm

      Hi, You need to hold your finger over the clock widget on the homescreen in smart launcher until a pop-up menu appears which let you replace the clock with none, or widget

      • Cliff February 24, 2014, 3:08 am


        • Johnson Yip February 24, 2014, 6:39 am

          No Problem, Glad my reply help you out with your clock settings.

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