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gReader Free : fast, simple, reliable news reader RSS App for Google Android

gReader makes reading news posted on blogs easier to read in a mobile optimize format to make Reading the news more easy and comfortable on a smaller touchscreen found on smartphones and tablets.

gReader Free is a free News Reader App for Google Android which uses your Feedly account on Feedly.com. It is much easier to read news from multiple sources, and follow the news from different websites at once with gReader. It is also easy to search for, and categorize your news blog sources in gReader. It is also compatible with the theoldreader.com.

I like using gReader to read the news because it is faster than using a web browser which can be slow because you need to open your web browser, type in the link you want to read, or go into your bookmarks to go to websites. With gReader, I just need to open gReader, and start reading articles from websites which I’m subscribe to. There is a thumbnail picture of the article, and the title. I can also set gReader to only display the title, or the title description. If I’m on a slower connection, I can tell it to hide pictures. The default view for gReader is a tile view of all the articles, but it is very easy to change the view in gReader’s settings to list view.

There is also full screen mode to use the entire screen on a mobile to read articles. If you read the news at night in a dark room, there is night mode which makes reading at night easier by using a dark theme. You can also save articles offline in gReader for offline reading when you are not connected to the internet. gReader also supports apps like Instapaper, Pocket/Read it Later, and Readability which lets you sync your articles online to download to your other devices to read offline. It is also possible to share articles by e-mail, Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, etc.

In gReader, there is also a reader mode which hides ads, animations, and widgets for articles when you visit the website with the built in browser. I notice the browser which is built-in to gReader is a lot faster than other browsers for mobile devices and built-in to other news readers. There is also text to voice to listen to your articles  instead of reading them.

In my experience, gReader seems to load up faster, download articles quicker, load articles fast, and rarely freeze or crash as much as using a web browser, or other news reader apps to read news from multiple sources. Scrolling up and down the article lists, and articles is pretty smooth.

gReader also does not slow down my tablet, or use a lot of battery life like web browsers and other news reader apps, so gReader is a good news reader for most Google Android tablets of different performance ratings.

You can download gReader free from Google Play by searching for it on Google Play, and it is also available on the Amazon App Store for Android and Kindle Fire at gReader | Feedly | The Old Reader | RSS | News

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