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Protect your privacy, security On the internet with a VPN connection on a Smartphone, Tablet, and PC

One of the simplest to protect your privacy online is by using a VPN which stand for Virtual Private Network which will encrypt your internet connection even if you are using a Wireless Wi-Fi, or cellular connection. A VPN will make both your wired, and wireless internet connections more secure which will make your data safer from hackers who are trying to steal your data.

There are many free VPNs, and cheaply price VPN which only cost a few dollars a month, so you don’t have to any money, or a small amount of money each month to protect your Wi-Fi wireless, and wired internet connections like Cable, and DSL.

By encrypting your internet connection with a VPN, it is a lot harder for hackers to spy on your internet activity, and possibly steal your data.

VPN also are used to mask your connection because the VPN connections are located in different countries, so you can use a VPN connection to watch restricted videos which is only available in certain countries like the US. You can also use a VPN connection to access blocked websites like Facebook, and YouTube at school and work.

There are apps like Hotspot Shield VPN: Best VPN for WiFi Security, Privacy, Unblock sites which will protect Google Android’s VPN connection for free while you are connected to the internet.

Hot Spot Shield makes a free VPN service and apps for both Windows, Apple iOS and Google Android for connecting to their VPN to use the internet anonymously, and securely with their VPN connection. HotSpot Shield also protects your internet devices from malware on dangerous and infected websites.

I also recommend you keep your antivirus, antispyware, and antimalware programs updated regularly, and scan your computers for virus, malware, and spyware programs on a daily, or weekly basis. Also, use a firewall program in Windows to avoid unwanted programs from sending data out of your computer, and hackers from hacking into your computer to steal your information.

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