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Advanced System Care 6.2 Pro – Quickly maintains Windows PC easily and automatically

Advance System Care Pro 62

Advanced System Care 6.2 Pro is a simple to use System Utility software for Windows operating systems like Windows 8, 7, Vista, and XP. Advanced System Care will check your computer for virus, spyware, and malware programs, and remove them, fix registry errors, delete your internet history, clean up junk files like web browser history, boost internet settings, fix broken shortcuts, perform registry defrags, optimize and defend your System, do disk scans, fix vulnerabilities, and defragment your hard drive.

All you need to do is install Advanced System Care, and open it to click on the scan button, and click repair to do all these maintenance tasks at once. Using the Advanced System Care Maintenance wizard is a lot easier, and faster than opening up individual system utility software like disk cleanup, and registry cleaners.

Plus, Advanced System Care is safer because it also backup registry keys before removing keys. In my experience, Advanced System Care never remove a registry key which caused Windows to not startup, or run properly after the registry cleanup.

You also have the option to automatically repair, and Shutdown your computer after autorepair if you check the checkbox during scaning. You can also stilll manually uncheck the errors which you don’t want to be fixed, or you are not sure if you want to fix them or not.

Scanning for errors, security problems, unoptimized settings and looking for junk files takes a few minutes in my experience, and the repair process also only take a few minutes.

Also, Advanced System Care is set to automatically optimize your computer performance when your computer is idle, or not doing much, so you don’t have to manually maintain your computer as often.

My favorite feature of Advanced System Care is Turbo Mode which turns off all the un-needed background programs from Windows and 3rd Party companies like Winamp, so I have more free RAM, and CPU resources to run programs like Web Browser, computer games, and media players which I am currently using. Having more free RAM, and CPU resources mean my programs will run faster in Windows. Turbo Mode also compresses the RAM in use, so the size of the Used Memory is less, and you have even more free RAM in use.

ASC also bundles a lot of free programs like program uninstaller, malware fighter, registry cleaner, disk cleaner, file shredder, smart RAM, Internet Booster, Startup Manager, Registry Defrag, Smart Defrag, and many other useful system utility software in the Toolbox section.

There is also a Folder, and File Locker program in Advanced System Care to lock down your files with a password which you made to protect hackers, virus programs, and other computer users from opening, reading, and changing your files, and folders.

Advanced System Care 6.2 Pro also installs a web browser add-on badge which will warn you of dangerous, and infected websites, so you are less likely to click on search results to websites which are infected with viruses.

There is also an Action Center which recommends you install free Iobit programs like Startmenu8 which brings back the Startmenu and Button to Windows 8, Smart Defrag which is an automatic defrag program for defraging your hard drive for faster performance,  and Iobit Malware Fighter which scans your computer for malware programs like virus, spyware, and trojan programs, and if any are found the malware will be removed by Malware Fighter.

Action Center also recommends Advanced Mobile Care for Android which is like Advanced System Care, but designed for Google Android phones, tablets, and computers, so Android is safe from virus, has more free space, and runs faster after a scan with Advanced Mobile Care.

Advanced System Care 6.2 Pro works very well on my Windows 8 computer with only 1GB of RAM, a 1.86 GHz Dual Core CPU, and only 320GB of hard drive space, and makes my program feel faster.

I also like the Black and Neon Blue User Interface because it looks very modern, and easy to use. There are also simpler looking Black and White themes for Advanced System Care.

You can learn more about Advanced System Care Pro 6.2 at iobit.com/advancedsystemcarepro.html

There is also a free version of Advanced System Care which you can try out for as long as possible before you decide to buy the paid version for $19.99 a year for 2 Windows PC.

The free version does not have automatic schedule maintenance, but should be good enough for most user needs.

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