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Ghostery Browser Add-on makes Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer more private and faster


I have been using Ghostery with Opera, and Firefox, and it seems to make my web browser more stable, and crash less than before because it blocks tracking cookies, widgets,  and scripts from running. Web sites also seem to load faster. On slower connections like Dial-up, ISDN, and slower broadband , blocking advertisements with Ghostery can make website load faster.

You can choose what things to block, and unblock. I blocked all the tracking cookies, beacons, widgets, and privacy categories in Ghostery.  I did not block Advertising since some of the ads online are useful for finding deals, and new websites to visit to buy things, or to visit. I also unblock Disqus, and Livefyre since a lot of blogs use them as their commenting program.

It is easy to search for widgets, and other things to block, and unblock from within the Ghostery settings. To block something, I just check on it, and to unblock something, I just uncheck it. Lastly, click save to save my settings.

It is also possible to whitelist sites like your own website,  so it does not block cookies, and trackers on your sites.

I like the Blue Ghost icon, and text bubble for Ghostery since it makes it easy for people to unblock and block things without getting into the settings page.

I used to get a lot of Script errors on firefox which slowdown, and even freeze Firefox when I am using it, but after installing Ghostery, I get fewer error messages saying a script, or plug-in like Adobe flash player is slowing my Windows 8 computer which has a 1.86 GHz CPU, and 1GB of RAM. I also notice I can have more Browser tabs open without freezing Firefox. I think Ghostery blocking scripts like tracking scripts make websites load, and run faster.

Big websites like Tom’s hardware, The Huffington Post, and Tech Crunch now do not slow down or freeze Firefox when I use Ghostery because I am also blocking their widgets, and analytics codes. It also might save websites, and my Internet Service Provider some bandwidth because I am not downloading widgets, and sharing images. Using Ghostery may help you save bandwidth since it blocks a lot of the unneccessary things on a website, so you just load images, text, and videos related to the website’s content.

Ghostery would protect your privacy online

Download Ghostery at ghostery.com

You can also set Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and other web browsers to Do Not Track in the Options learn more about DoNot Track at mozilla.org/en-US/dnt/

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