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Wise Care 365 Free – Awesome Free All-In-One System Utility for Windows 8, 7, Vista, and XP

Wise Care 365 Free

Wise Care 365 Free is one of the best free system utilities I tried on Windows 8.  It combines Wise Disk and Registry into one program, and also comes with a system tuneup, and privacy protector.

I have been using Care 365 on my Windows 8 computer with a 1.8 GHz CPU, 1GB of RAM, and 320GB hard drive for a few months. Wise 365 Free also opens quickly in seconds, and it scans take less than a minute for me. Using Care 365 makes my PC startup, and run faster, and more stable. I like the built-in startup manager, and service manager because it tells me which programs are safe to disable, and which programs I need to keep running.

The Disk Cleanup, and Registry cleaner in Care 365 Free also removes a lot of junk files and un-needed registry entries which other cleaners didn’t delete, and there is also a registry defrag in 365 which shrink the size of the registry, so  the registry uses less space on my drive. All registry files are backed up to the restore section, and Wise makes a system restore to restore Windows if you encounter problems after a registry cleanup. You can also delete un-needed Windows update cache installers, help files, log files, and bundled Windows files which take up space, but you don’t need to run Windows.

One of the best features of Wise Care 365 is it has an Autoscan, and Autoclean feature which you can schedule to turn on at certain times, so you’ll don’t need to manually clean up your computer as much, and there is a checkup feature which cleans your computer with one click of the Check now button.

Wise Care 365 Free also automatically checks for updates, and tell me that I should upgrade to the latest version for free when updates are available.

There is also a built-in disk defrag program which is easy to use to defrag all your hard drives at once, and you can set it to shut down when all your drives are done defraging.

The Disk Eraser in the Privacy Protector section is useful for overwriting free space, so it is a lot harder to recover files which I deleted by emptying the recycle bin in Windows.

There is also a file shredder which can shred files, and folders which you want to delete for good, and can’t be easily recovered with data recovery software.

The Password Generator in Care 365 is useful for making secure passwords for your online accounts like bank accounts, and e-mail.

Wise Care 365 Free also recommends Wise Utilities made by Wise like Game Booster, Folder Hider, JetSearch, Data Recovery, Auto Shutdown, and Program Uninstaller which all make using Windows faster, more secure, more productive, and easy.

Wise Care 365 comes pre-installed with Wise Memory Memory Optimizer which is a program which optimizes your memory by defraging your memory, so you have more free memory for using on your current opened programs. Wise Memory Booster is good for multi-tasking since it keeps your memory defragged, so you have more memory to open and use multiple programs at once.

Wise Care 365 free also comes with a few custom theme like a dog, cloud, and brush theme if you do not prefer the blue and white default modern theme in Care 365.

Wise Care 365 Free is an easy to use, fast, stable, and feature rich system utiliy program for cleaning up Windows while making Windows start up, and run a lot faster even on slower computers which use Windows.

You can download Wise Care 365 Free at wisecleaner.com/wisecare365free.html

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