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Multiling O Keyboard + Emoji for Google Android – Customizable lightweight multilingual Keyboard App

Multiling o keyboard emoji for google android

Multiling O Keyboard + Emoji Keyboard is a nice multilingual lightweight keyboard app which support over 200 languages, has many custom appearance themes, and settings for changing the look of the keyboard, and a lot of nice features like swipe typing input, emoji support built-in, calculator, T9 word prediction, Autotext, voice input, many free themes,  and multiple keyboard layouts.

You can quickly change the language of the keyboard by long pressing the space bar. You may need to download a plug-in from Google Play for your language of choice.

Multiling O Keyboard + Emoji is the most advanced, feature-rich, customizable, and lightweight keyboard app which I ever used on a Google Android device.

Users of Multiling keyboard can fully customize the entire appearance of Multiling Keyboard by downloading custom themes for the keyboard, and adjusting the size, position, and colors on the keyboard. There are many free themes for Multiling Keyboard app which you can download from the maker’s website. But, you need to use Google Chrome mobile browser to download, and apply the theme to this keyboard. Downloading and installing additional themes for Multiling Keyboard is very fast because it only takes a few seconds to install a theme. Downloading and installing themes to Multiling Keyboard is very simple, and does not require any advance technical skills to do. Installing themes on the keyboard is similar to installing themes to a desktop web browser like Google Chrome, and Firefox which support custom theme installs. You can change the color of the keyboard themes, buttons, and more. Users can also change the layout of the keyboard keys to QWERTY, QWERTZ, AZERTY, DVORAK, or design your own (DIY, Chubon, KALQ), 5-row or 4-row layouts. The height and width of the keyboard can be adjusted to a different size to make the keyboard easier to use on different screen sizes. Users can make the keyboard floatable/movable, split keyboard, so it is easier to use on bigger screen device’s like touchscreen Android tablets, and PCs with very large touchscreens. The Font Text size can also be adjusted on the keyboard to make the text on the buttons easier to read on small screens, and HD Displays with higher resolutions like 1080P or 4K. Users can make the Keyboard transparent/see through in the settings, so you can see what is under the keyboard.

There is also a number, and directional control pad layout to make entering numbers, and moving the text cursor icon easier on a touchscreen device. You can also view your clipboard which hold your copy and paste text. There is also an option to delete your copy and paste data from within the keyboard app.

Multiling O Keyboard + Emoji is very lightweight app because its app size is 431K. Multiling O Keyboard + Emoju app is compatible with Google Android 2.1 and up. Multiling is very reliable, and simple to use when I use it on my Google Android tablets. The keyboard rarely crashes, or freezes when I use it. The keyboard uses less RAM, and CPU resources, so it does not slow down my tablet. It uses very little battery power because of its low RAM, and CPU usage.

You can also disable all the features you don’t need like word suggestions, autotext, swipe typing, etc to make Multiling Keyboard very lightweight, and faster than it already is by turning off less important features which you do not need.

In the settings, there is also a restart button to restart the keyboard which could fix slowdown and other problems with the keyboard if you experience any like restarting your PC when it feels slow.

Physical or Bluetooth keyboard (all keys can be remapped to the soft layout) with Multiling.
The keyboard app has No internet permission which means it is more safer, and private, so your type data is safer from hackers.

There are no advertisements, and recommended app section in Multiling O Keyboard + Emoji.

Multiling O Keyboard + Emoji keyboard app for Google Android has a lot of great features like custom themes, re-sizeable keyboard, word prediction, and a calculator, and it is also very lightweight, so it uses very little storage space, RAM, and CPU resources when installed on your smartphone or tablet.

I can use Multiling Keyboard as my only keyboard app because it has all the features like word suggestion, swipe typing, calculator, custom themes, and directional pad which I need and want in a keyboard app. Multiling also runs fast on most of my Google Android devices like my Asus Nexus 7 2012 and Nvidia Shield K1 tablet because Multiling is very lightweight for a multilingual keyboard with a lot of useful features to make typing on a touchscreen a lot faster, and more accurate.

Download Multiling O Keyboard + Emoji at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=kl.ime.oh

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