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CM Keyboard – Fast Customizable Reliable Lightweight Keyboard App for Google Android Smartphones Tablets

CM Keyboard for Google Android

CM Keyboard is a free touch keyboard app for Google Android smartphones and tablets. CM Keyboard is customization, lightweight, reliable, and has a nice looking user interface.

CM Keyboard is made by Cheetah Mobile who makes the popular Clean Master App, CM Launcher, and many other apps.

CM Keyboard is a multilingual keyboard which supports English and a lot of other languages like French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Greek, Arabic, Persian, Turkish, Dutch, Thai, Vietnamese, Polish, and Romanian. You can switch languages quickly by pressing the language button on the keyboard. You would need to download the language pack to use different languages in CM Keyboard.

It is easy to type with in my experience because it uses the QWERTY keyboard layout like computer keyboards in North America. Typing numbers is more simple with the number row on the top of the keyboard, so users can enter numbers quickly with CM Keyboard without the need to switch to number pad mode like in other keyboard apps.

There is a Emoji and Emoticon Button for quickly adding emoji, and emoticons to your text messages by hitting a button.

Long pressing the space bar lets you easily switch to other keyboard apps which you have installed on your Google Android device.

I like the simple design of CM Keyboard with white buttons with black text, and a gray background. The buttons borders are thick enough where I rarely type on the keys which are next to the key which I want to press on. The user interface allows customization where I can also change the color of the background to black, blue, green, pink. Users can even use a picture file as the background by tapping on the Albums button in the Keyboard background settings. The keyboard comes with a orange CM Cheetah picture background, and a modern bright blue picture background after you tap on the Albums button. It is also possible to change the transparency of the keyboard app where the keyboard apps’ button becomes see through, and you can see the background image for the keyboard through the keys. Setting the transparency to the maximum setting would hide the buttons, and only show the gray letters of the buttons.

I can turn off the button pop-up text bubbles when users tap on a letter on the keyboard. In the settings, it is possible to turn on and off vibrations when typing, typing sounds, auto-correct, word suggestions, and auto capitalization. There is also a button on CM Keyboard to quickly turn on and off word suggestions if you enabled the word suggestion button in the settings.

CM Keyboard is also very lightweight, and reliable  for a modern keyboard app when I use it. It shows  up very quickly when I need to type text, and it rarely crashes, randomly restarts or slow downs when I use it on my tablet. The App APK size is only 1.8MB which is very small for a modern keyboard app with many nice features like custom themes, word suggestions, emoticon, and emoji support . CM Keyboard is compatible with Google Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, and up.

CM Keyboard is a modern, reliable, and lightweight Keyboard App which has a lot of nice features like Emoji, Emoticon, and multiple language support.

Download CM Keyboard at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.cmcm.emoji

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