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LXMusic Fast Simple Lightweight Linux Music Player

Lxmusic Light Linux Music Player software

LXMusic is a music player software for Linux based operating systems like Ubuntu, Debian, Raspbian/Raspberry Pi, Lubuntu, etc. What makes LXMusic better than other music player software for Linux is that LXMusic is incredibly lightweight, simple, and fast for a desktop based music player software.

LXMusic is made by the maker of the popular LXDE Lightweight X Desktop Environment for Linux , and it is based on the popular XMMS2 music player for music. LXMusic also looks similar to the popular Foobar2000 music player for Windows.

The sound quality of music being played back in LXMusic is great. Music playback is loud,clear, and smooth without any static, slowdown, choppy sound, and other audio problems.

LXMusic has all the features I still want in a music player. LXMusic can play back MP3, OGG music files, a folder full of music and also play music from a URL/website link. It has a playlist editor/creator, search/filter playlist search tool, different repeat features, music playback buttons, music seek bar, CD Player, and a simple user interface. The System Tray icon for LXMusic can be used to pause, stop, go to the previous, and next track, and to quit the player when I right-click on the system tray icon for LXMusic on Linux.

LXMusic user interface is pretty easy to use since it has all the playlist and standard buttons like play, pause, stop, next, and previous track, repeat, volume, and filer on the player window. I can show and hide the playlist in LXMusic, so LXMusic use less screen space, and looks more minimalistic when the Playlist is hidden from LXMusic. LXMusic also displays the song’s name on the titlebar, taskbar button, and system tray button for LXMusic. LXMusic’s user interface window is also resizeable where you can resize the window to use a small amount of space, or use the entire space on your desktop when you maximize LXMusic’s Window.

I can view a music files properties by going to File, and picking File Properties from the File menu. In the File Properties I can see the name of the artist of the song, the songs title, Album title, comment, file size of song, song’s file type, and the file location of the song on my PC.

In the Preferences of LXMusic, I can show and hide the system tray icon, minimize LXMusic player on close, continue music playback in background after exiting LXMusic, Change the Buffer Memory size of LXMusic, Change the CD drive location on a Linux PC, change the output plug-in, output device, and mixer, and also change the ID3 V1 encoding in LX Music. I usually don’t need to change any settings related to output, buffer size, cd drive, and ID3 V1 encoding because the default settings are fine. Changing the buffer size to a higher number could be useful if I use LXMusic to listen to streaming music on the internet, and I have a slow internet like dial-up internet, so I can buffer more of a song from online radio station on my PC’s memory, so the song won’t pause as much because of buffering problems caused by a slow internet connection.

LXMusic also opens in a few seconds after clicking on its shortcut launcher on my Desktop. The player also opens songs quickly where the song starts playing after I hit the play button on LXMusic. LXMusic uses about 20 MB of RAM, and less than 1% of my CPU’s processing power according to Task Manager installed on Raspbian Linux which is installed on my Raspberry Pi.

LXMusic is very reliable when I use it. It has never crashed, or freezed when I use it in Linux based operating systems like Lubuntu.

The Download size of LXMusic amd64 installer file is only 117.7 kB when I download it from https://packages.debian.org/wheezy/lxmusic . Its install size is 822.0 kB. I installed LXMusic Player on Raspbian for the Raspberry Pi by typing

sudo apt-get install lxmusic

in the terminal command line program in Raspbian.

LXMusic is a great music player for older and cheaper computers with less storage space because it uses very little storage space, and also runs very quickly, and smoothly when used for listening to music.

LXMusic is a simple, fast, lightweight, and reliable music player software for older and slower computers which use Linux based operating systems like Ubuntu, Raspbian, Lubuntu, and Debian.

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  • Anwar February 17, 2022, 1:56 pm

    Just installed on Raspberry Pi and works really well. One issue, although setting is to stop music on exit it keeps playing.

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