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Speaker Clean for Google Android uses ultrasonic sound to shake out dirt on Android device’s speakers

Speaker Clean for Google Android

Speaker Clean is a free App which makes loud ultrasonic noises, sound to safely clean your speaker with sound.

It uses patent pending ultra sound frequencies to attempt to shake off dirt and particles like dust that is clogging your speakers.

Speaker Clean is very easy to use. I just need to lay my smartphone or tablet on a flat surface like a table, and click the Whirlwind button to start the cleaning which uses ultra sound frequencies to try to shake off dust, dirt, and other particles. It takes less than 30 seconds to clean your speaker.

To pause the cleaning, you need to tap on the animated icon on the app. Once Speaker Clean is done cleaning, it will display a message telling you that it has finished cleaning, and to run the app again in 30-45 days.

Speaker Clean may also work at cleaning headsets, headphones, Bluetooth and Wired external speakers, and other speaker types since most speakers work the same,

The sound Speaker Clean makes is very loud, and high pitch, so it is best to use this app in your room, or non-public place to avoid annoying other people around you while Speaker Clean uses ultrasonic sound to clean your speakers.

For best results, I recommend setting the volume to its maximum level to vibrate the speaker more, and putting the speaker facing the table, so the dirt won’t fall back into the speaker when the sound stops playing the ultrasonic sound. If your phone has front facing speakers on the top and bottom of the screen, I recommend putting the front of your phone or tablet on a table with a table cloth or tissue or paper towel on top of the table, so the cloth protects your screen from scratches, and dirt. If your smartphone has a removable back plate, and the speaker is on the back, removing the backplate would make dust fall out of your smartphone easier because there is no protective grill which may block dirt from exiting your phone’s back speaker. While your back plate is off, you can use a small brush to brush out dust and dirt from the backplate protective speaker grill, and other parts. Don’t touch the speaker on the back of the phone since they are easily damaged when touch with your finger, or tools.

If you need to clean your phone’s ear speaker which you use to make calls, you can use your home phone or another cell phone to call your cell phone, and run this app with another tablet, or phone, and use your home phone’s mic to pick up the ultrasonic noise from Speaker Clean.

According to the reviewers from other users on Google Play for Speaker Clean, this app does work at cleaning speakers which got dirty because of dirt, and water. But, you may need to run it a few times for better results. It also does seem to make my speaker on my old tablet the sound on it is a little louder when running it a few times.

I also like the black, and blue user interface with the whirlwind icon, instructions, animated sound icon, and notifications which make Speaker Clean easy to use, and look good. There are also no ads in Speaker Clean.

Speaker Clean is 422k in size, so it uses very little storage space, and data to download from Google Play. It also works on Google Android 2.01 and up, so it works on very old Google Android devices.

It also has 500,000 – 1,000,000 installs according to Google Play.

Speaker Clean is a free app which uses ultrasonic sound to shake off dirt on your speaker for improved sound, and a cleaner speaker.

Download Speaker Clean at Google Play at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.aagroup.speakerclean

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