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K-Meleon 75 – Great Lightweight Web Browser for Slower and Older Windows Computers

K-meleon 75 lightweight Web Browser for Windows

I have been using K-Meleon 75 Web Browser as my main web browser on an older year 2002 desktop computer with a 1.7 GHz single core AMD XP Athlon CPU, 512MB of RAM, onboard S3 video, and Windows XP as its operating system. K-Meleon 75 works pretty fast for a tabbed web browser. K-Meleon would also be good for those cheap $100-300 Windows 8.1 and 10 tablets, netbooks, and laptops which only have 1-3GB of RAM, and a dual-quad core Intel Atom or Celeron based CPU because K-Meleon does not uses a lot of RAM, or need a very fast CPU to run smoothly, and reliably since K-Meleon is a lightweight web browser with low system requirements.

K-Meleon 75 is based on the Gecko layout engine which is used on Firefox, so most sites are displayed correctly if they are designed to work well with Firefox. K-Meleon 75 also has a pop-up blocker, mouse gestures, web search, bookmarks, themes, and skin support, and Macros. It also has support for plugins like Adobe Flash player, so it can be used to visit websites which require flash.

K-Meleon is simple to install. I just need to download the installer file from its website, and launch the installer, and follow the instructions on the installer to install it on Windows. After the install, there would be a shortcut icon for K-Meleon on my Windows Desktop, and startmenu.

K-Meleon only takes a few seconds to open after launching it from its shortcut on the Windows desktop or startmenu. Websites with many images load quickly on K-meleon when I am connected to a Wi-Fi wireless internet connection. K-Meleon rarely crashes, and freezes when I use it on my older desktop computer. Scrolling up and down websites is also pretty smooth in K-Meleon.It does not use a lot of RAM, and CPU resources like other modern web browsers which don’t work very well on older computers. K-Meleon also does not slow down when I have three or more tabs open on its web browser unlike other web browsers which sometimes freezes when I have more than two tabs open at the same time. K-Meleon also plays Flash video on YouTube, and other streaming video sites pretty fast without much slow down problems which I experience on other web browsers. The video also seems to buffer, and freeze less when I use K-Meleon 75.

I like the simple user interface with a tab bar, menu bar, navigational buttons, address bar, and status bar. The user interface uses very little space on my computer screen, so I can see more of the website I am visiting even if the web browser is not in Maximized viewing mode.

The user interface kinds of reminds me of the simpler user interface found on older web browsers like Internet Explorer, Netscape, and Mozilla. Most users who used a web browser before would know how to use K-Meleon because the web browser design of K-meleon looks similar to other traditional web browsers.

K-Meleon 75 is a fast, reliable, and easy to use lightweight web browser which works great on older, slower, and cheaper Windows computers with less RAM, and a slower CPU.

Download K-Meleon 75 for Windows at http://kmeleonbrowser.org/

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