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Mi MIUI Launcher – Fast Customizable Attractive Google Android Homescreen Launcher

Mi Launcher for Google Android

Mi Launcher is a free homescreen launcher which lets you get the MIUI launcher experience on any Google Android 4.0 device. It is not the  official MIUI launcher, but it is a high performance and customizable launcher which looks like the MIUI launcher with App Drawer.

Learning to use Mi Launcher is very simple because it is very similar to the default Google Android Launcher. The settings in Mi Launcher is well organize with sections like Desktop,  App Drawer, Dock, Folder, Look and Feel, Gestures and button, unread count, more, and help and feedback.

There is also a help section in help and feedback for learning how to make a desktop folder, how to enter edit mode, add a new screen, re-order screens, delete a screen, and how to add all apps drawer button.

Mi Launcher is very fast, and stable.

In my experience using it on my Asus Google Android Nexus 7 2012 tablet, the launcher is very customizable, and fast. I like that I can turn off all the animations, delete empty homescreen pages, turn off page indicator for both the homescreen and app drawer, and turn off other features I don’t need to make it run very quickly, and use less CPU, and RAM while I use Mi Launcher as my default launcher.

Scrolling homescreen and App Drawer pages is very smooth, and Mi Launcher has not freeze, crash, or restart when I use it on my device. There is a setting to keep it running in the Memory, or not have it running in the memory. Mi Launcher uses 20 MB or less RAM when I use it on my tablet. The icons on Mi Launcher also show up quickly after I turn on or restart my tablet.

I can customize almost everything I want on Mi launcher.

Mi Launcher is highly customizable where I can change almost every appearance features of the launcher like the homescreen, homescreen wallpaper image, homescreen dock, show and hide status bar, app drawer, margins, widget size, icon size, icon theme and text editor, icon’s rows and column grid, labels, text color, resize widgets, and other features by adjusting the settings in Mi Launcher.

I can also lock and unlock my homescreen. I can turn on and off Infinite scrolling on desktop, drawer and dock, and Elastic scrolling on desktop, drawer and dock in the Mi settings.

It is also possible to hide App Drawer shortcut icons like Google Settings, and bundled apps which came with my device.

It is possible to change the App drawer to vertical scrolling instead of horizontal scrolling.

Mi Launcher also comes with Card stack effect and Cube out scrolling effect animations. I can also Enable and Disable wallpaper scrolling in Mi Launcher.

You can also change what the home and menu button does in Mi Launcher.

There are no ads and non-launcher related features in Mi Launcher, but you need to upgrade to the paid prime version to unlock all the features like touch gesture controls.

Mi Launcher is a high performance, and customizable homescreen launcher for Google Android.

Mi Launcher’s app size is a small 1.8 M, and it works on Google Android 4.03 and up.

Download Mi Launcher at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.epic.launcher.mi

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