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Clean Music Player – Simple Fast Music Player for Google Android

Clean Music Player for Google Android

Clean Music Player is a folder base music player which can play music from in a folder by just tapping play. It starts up very fast after clicking on the Clean Music Player shortcut icon on the homescreen launcher in Google Android. Songs also start playing instantly when I hit the play button. Playing the next track or a previous track is fast as well after I tap on the next or previous track button.

Clean Music Player can play MP3, OGG, MP4 and other audio music format. You can also make playlists in Clean Music Player to listen to your music files by using a playlist file to organize them.

The music continues to play in Clean Music Player even when I use other apps, or if the screen is off.

You can also use the music search engine built-into Clean Music Player to search for music and audio files to listen to. The search engine supports voice search as well as text search.

Clean Music Player also features  Gapless playback, shuffle, repeat, reload, Remember audio track position, notification music playback controls, sleep timer, lockscreen controls and an equalizer.

Clean Music also supports Last.FM ScrobbleDroid to help recommend you new music.

The audio quality of Clean Music Player is pretty good. The sound is loud, and clear. Switching to the next and previous song is fast.

The user interface for Clean Music Player is very nice. I like the dark theme for the player, and that it has a bookmark function for quickly switching folders. The user interface also has a play/pause, next track, previous track, settings button, and seekbar built-into the player. The folder explorer is pretty easy and fast to use as well.

The File Explorer in Clean Music can also be used to multi-select, cut/move, copy, paste, rename, and delete folders, and music files from within Clean Music.

There is also a Car Mode User interface for changing tracks, and pausing songs with bigger buttons on the right side of the screen.

The exit button in the menu is a good feature since it allows me to quickly exit/close Clean Music Player when I am not using it to listen to music.

Clean Music Player is very stable, and never freezes, crashes, or stop working when I used it to play music. It also does not slow down my tablet when I use it to play music while I do other tasks like browse the web, or play a game. It’s RAM usage is  only 18 MB according to the Running Processes in the App settings section of Google Android settings.

There are not a lot of permissions in Clean Music Player, so your privacy will be safer.

It just has (modify or delete the contents of your USB storage, read the contents of your USB storage, and prevent device from sleeping) which are needed for Clean Music Player, and its file explorer to work. But, there are no permissions to access the internet, wifi, etc, so you are safe from your information leaking to the internet when using Clean Music.

Clean Music is a nice, fast, and simple to use music player for Google Android.

Clean Music App size is a very small 179k which is smaller than most picture and audio files. It works with Google Android 4.03 and up.

You can download Clean Music Player from https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.myskyspark.music

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