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Boat Browser Mini – Nice, Simple, Lightweight web browser for Google Android

Boat Browser Mini for Google Android

Boat Browser Mini is a nice web browser which runs smoothly even on older, and slower Google Android smartphones and tablets in my experience. It is also easy to use on smaller screen because the address bar, buttons, and tabs don’t take up much space on the screen. It also has Full Screen web browsing mode which is useful for smaller screens, or to view more of the website without the need to scroll a lot. The full screen mode makes reading websites similar to reading an e-book without the distractions of the address bar, and toolbar. There are not any bloated features in Boat Browser Mini which makes using Boat confusing to use, or slow like other bigger web browsers which has too many un-needed features where using it is slow and harder. Boat Mini also has nice features like Floating Windows which let you resize a website, so it uses less screen space on your device, or to have two websites loaded on the screen at the same time. I like the gallery multi-tab switching feature in Boat Mini which display each website as a horizontal scrolling cards list which you see when switching tabs by pressing the tabs button on Boat Mini.

The performance of Boat Mini is very fast for a mobile browser. Boat Browser Mini starts up in seconds after tapping on the homescreen shortcut icon for Boat Browser Mini on my Android launcher. Website page load times are fast on my Home Wi-Fi connection. Using Boat Mini to stream YouTube videos, and other streaming video sites is fast and stable. Scrolling up and down websites is fast, and smooth when I scroll websites. I use Boat Browser Mini on my older Asus Nexus 7 2012 tablet, and Boat Browser Mini runs pretty fast on my tablet when browsing the web, and Boat Mini does not slow down my tablet as much as other bigger web browsers. Boat Mini also only requires 3.2 MB of space to download, so it uses very little storage space on my tablet’s memory drive.

Boat Mini has a homepage where you can add speed dial bookmarks for easy access to your bookmarks on the homepage. There is also a downloads manager with a file manager built-into it for managing your files. You can also make Boat Mini shortcuts of websites to place on your Android homescreen, so websites launch like apps on the homescreen when you tap on shortcut icons.

Boat Mini has a few built-in colored themes for it to change the color of the browser’s window to Black, Green, Blue, etc.

There is also Night Mode which lowers the brightness, change the background of websites to black, and text to white which makes reading in the dark more easier, and prevents eye strain.

Boat Browser also supports Adobe Flash for Android 2.2 and above which has Flash support once you installed the Adobe Flash App. Boat also works with the mobile version of YouTube, and other video sites which don’t need flash player to play website videos. There is also support for incognito private browsing to not save your history data like list of websites you visited, and cookies while browsing with Boat Mini. Boat can block JavaScript, Flash, pop-up ads, images, etc to make websites load faster on a mobile data plan and wifi. Blocking JavaScript, images, flash/plug-ins, and pop-up ads can also make the browser run faster since JavaScripts, Flash/plug-ins, images, and pop-up ads can sometimes slowdown your device. Flash/plug-ins, Javascript, and Pop-up ads can also contain privacy and security problems, so blocking them are a good idea if you are using your work phone, and you have a lot of important files on your device, and security and privacy is most important to you. You can also disable cookies, show security warnings, turn off location data, turn off password and form fill in Boat Mini’s privacy and security features.

You can also change your device user agent to Desktop Internet Explorer, iPhone, and other popular browsers, and devices to hide the type of device, and browser you are using when using Boat Web browser Mini to browse the web. You can also use the iPhone mobile version of a website which works on Android most of the time when there is no mobile Android version of a website for a website you visit. Changing the user agent to desktop web browsers like Internet Explorer, Safari, etc would make browsing the web better on Desktop Android computers, or if you use a bigger Android tablet, or a physical mouse and keyboard to browse the web on Android. Using desktop user agents would also hide that you are using a mobile device which is useful for  online videos where the owner of the video disable video playback on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Once you are using the desktop agent, video sites would think you are using desktop PCs.

Boat also has WAP browsing mode to make websites use less system resources like RAM, CPU, etc on your mobile device. WAP also uses less bandwidth and data. Boat also has Multi-touch Pinch to Zoom support like other web browsers, and you can set the volume keys on your device to zoom, scroll up and down a website, and switch tabs.

Tasks like clearing your histories, cookies, and cache files is simple to do in Boat Mini’s settings. Boat also has a keyword search engine for searching keywords and phrases within a website.

There is also a screenshot feature which let you take a screenshot of your current page, and edit the screenshot with a cropping tool within Boat Mini Browser.

There are a few touch gesture for doing tasks in Boat Mini like close tab when you draw a C , New Tab when you draw a capital N, Switch to Left Tab when you draw a Capital L, switch to Right tab when you draw a backwards capital ⌋, Facebook when you draw a lower case cursive hand writing f, and Google when you draw a lowercase g.

Boat Mini is a simple, fast, light, and nice web browser for Google Android smartphones, and tablet devices.

Download and install Boat Mini Web browser at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.boatgo.browser

The free version of Boat Mini has advertisement, but if you buy a license key for Boat Mini, the license key would remove the ads, unlock the 16 tab at once support, and add up to 15 custom touch gestures for doing different tasks like visiting websites on Boat Mini Browser.

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