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UC Browser Mini Mobile Browser for Google Android – Fast, Light, Simple web browser for Android

UC browser Mini for Google Android

UC Browser Mini is a mobile web browser which is very fast, light, and simple to use. It has a lot of nice features like tabs, incognito private browsing mode, bookmarks, file manager, cloud online storage downloads, full screen browsing, Night mode, data usage chart, enhance faster downloading speeds, and speed mode which would save data by compressing images, and webpages to make them download faster even on slower wireless networks. It saved over 90% of my wireless data when I have speed mode turned on, and set my image quality to low in the settings menu for UC Brower.

UC Browser Mini’s file size is 1.1MB to download, so it uses very little storage¬†space on a Google Android smartphone or tablet.

UC Mini is one of the best web browsers for older and slower Google Android smartphones and tablets because of its low system resource usage, small install file size and simple user interface which is easy to learn how to use after a few minutes of using UC Mini

In my experience, UC Browser mini loads websites, scrolls up and down webpages, open tabs, and download files very quickly on Google Android tablets I own compared to other web browsers which I tried. UC also rarely crashes and freezes when using it. UC Mini runs quickly on my older Asus Google Nexus 7 2012 tablet with a Nvidia Tegra 3 1.3 GHz CPU, 16GB storage and 1 GB of RAM. It also ran pretty good on my very old Kobo Vox tablet which has a 800MHz Single Core CPU, 512MB of RAM, and 8 GB of storage.

UC Mini does not slow down my devices when I use it for hours, so I can have more apps open at once without a lot of slowdown problems. The light system requirements, and low data usage of UC Mini would help your phone use less battery power, so you don’t need to charge your device as often.

This browser is also very easy to use with its clean and simple user interface which just has the basic features like back, forward, search, home, address bar, and settings menu.

UC Mini has a good built-in video player which plays video from sites from YouTube, Dailymotion, News Sites, etc on the video player. The video player has touch gestures for adjusting the volume, and seek bar video location. The video player in UC Browser is convenient to use because I do not need to launch another third-party video player to view video. The video player can playback MP4, and 3GP video which are common video file formats for mobile video web sites. UC Browser can also download video files from some video sites which stream videos as MP4, and 3GP, and allow video downloading.

I also like the file manager in UC Browser Mini because I can manage my downloaded files within UC Mini without leaving the web browser.

The homepage also has a speed dial mode like desktop web browsers. Speed dials let you make custom bookmarks on your home page, so you can visit your most favorite websites by tapping on the favorites shortcut for a website which you set as a speed dial bookmark. Speed dial bookmarks are more convenient than opening the bookmarks menu to open a bookmark from a long list of bookmarks. UC Mini also has cards on the homepage which recommend you cool apps, websites, and games for your Google Android device.

The Full screen mode in UC Mini makes using this web browser on a small 4 inch or smaller smartphone better since you can view websites, and videos in full screen where it uses up all the screen to display content except for the on-screen navigational buttons if your phone does not have physical buttons for back, home, and menu button.

Download and install UC Mini Web Browser at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.uc.browser.en

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