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Midori Fast lightweight Web Browser for Linux and Windows PC

Midori light web browser

Midori is a fast, light, and reliable free open source tab web browser which work in Linux, and Windows computers. It does not crash or freeze much when I use it for web browsing, and it starts up, load websites, and runs quickly even on slower computers.

I used Midori on the Raspberry Pi’s Raspbian Debian based operating system, and it is one of the fastest full featured web browsers for the Raspberry Pi which has a  slower 700 MHz Single Core mobile/ARM CPU, and 512MB of RAM ,which is also shared with the video chip, so it only has about 400MB of RAM for the operating system to use. Midori is one of the bundled web browsers which comes pre-installed in Rasbian for Raspberry Pi.

I also use Midori on Lubuntu 14.10 on an older desktop computer with an Intel Core2Dou 1.86 GHz CPU, 3GB of RAM, and 320GB hard drive, and Midori runs very fast on my desktop PC running Lubuntu 14.10 as its operating system. At one time, I ran Midori with only 1GB of RAM on Lubuntu before I upgraded to 3GB of RAM, and Midori still runs pretty quickly on 1GB of RAM.

Midori is one of the fastest web browsers I used in Linux, and Midori has most of the features I want like Adobe Flash and HTML5 support, so I can views online videos on websites.

Midori is also available for Windows PC, so it can be a good web browsers for older Windows XP to Vista computers which have 1GB or less RAM installed on the computer.

Midori has most of the features which a modern web browser has like Adobe Flash support for watching videos and games on websites, and it also supports HTML5 which is used for watching videos, and playing games on websites. It also supports CSS3. Midori uses the WebKit Layout engine which is used in Google Chrome, and Apple’s Safari web browser, so most websites like Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Spotify and Rdio are displayed and work correctly on Midori.

Midori has a bookmark manager, spell checker, RSS Reader, and Download manager built-into the web browser like other web browsers. The search box on the top right of the browser is also pre-set to DuckDuckGo which is a web browser which protects your search history from spying because it uses a HTTPS connection to encrypt your web searches, and it does not store your web searches on its website like other search engines.

The design of Midori is very easy to use, and clean. If you used another browser like Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Chrome, learning how to use Midori would be very easy since its user interface is very easy to learn.

It is also to delete private browsing data in Midori, and you can set Midori to automatically delete browsing data. There are settings and add-ons built into Midori to disable scripts, change the user agent to iphone, android, internet explorer, firefox, etc. Changing the user agent is useful for displaying mobile versions of the site by changing the user agent to Android or iPhone. Mobile websites load faster on older and slower computers like the Raspberry Pi, and mobile sites work better on tablets without a keyboard like cheap Windows 8.1 with Bing Tablets. It also has third party cookie blocking, stripping referrer information, and block ads, so you can customize your browsing experience, and avoid being tracked by websites.

Midori is a fast, easy to use web browser which works for Linux, and Windows computers. It is one of the few full featured web browser which work well on older computers, Linux, and Windows.

You can download Midori for free at http://midori-browser.org/

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  • Robin November 20, 2015, 11:23 pm

    Where do you download Midori? I tried to download it once and my browser safety tool picked the site up as unsafe. I don’t know if I trust it.

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