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QupZilla – Lightweight Web Browser for Windows, Linux, and Mac

QupZilla Web Browser

QupZilla is a free lightweight tab web browser for Windows, Linux, and Mac. It uses less RAM, CPU, and storage space than more popular web browsers, and support older versions of Windows like XP, and many versions of Linux like Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian, OpenSuse, etc.

It’s user interface is very easy to learn how to use because it has features like an address bar, navigational buttons, bookmarks,  search box, and speed dial bookmarks which are found on more popular web browsers for PC. It also has an RSS News Reader, and bookmark import tool.

It uses the WebKit Website Layout engine like Apple Safari, and Google Chrome, so a lot of websites will look fine on QupZilla. There are also no extra features like some other browsers which can slow down your PC.  It also uses very little screen space on your monitor, so QupZilla is a good web browser for smaller monitors, laptops, netbooks, and Windows or Linux tablets with smaller screens.

QupZilla comes with a built-in Ad-blocker and Flash blocker which can lower your bandwidth usage, and also improve page load speeds. You can disable the ad and flash blocker if you like. QupZilla also makes it easy for you to disable scripts like JavaScript, and plug-ins like Adobe Flash and Java to make your web browser and pages load faster.

When I use QupZilla in Windows, and Linux, QupZilla uses very little system resources like RAM, CPU, and storage space. The Windows installer file for QupZilla is about 25MB in space, so it downloads pretty quickly even on slower internet connections.

QupZilla is a good web browser for visiting basic sites which are mostly text, and image based in my experience. It also support Flash, and Java, so if your computer has very little RAM and a slow CPU, you may experience faster performance when watching flash video with QupZilla  because Flash will have more RAM, and CPU to run online videos.

It’s also pretty easy to clear my browsing history, cache, cookies, and other browsing data in QupZilla to save space, and get rid of my old browsing data.

Download QupZilla at http://www.qupzilla.com/

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