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Fast Cache Cleaner For Google Android deletes un-needed Cache files with one tap

Fast Cache Cleaner for Google Android

Fast Cache Cleaner is a free easy to use Cache Cleaner for Google Android. After you installed it from Google Play, you just need to open it by tapping its shortcut icon on your homescreen. When Fast Cache Cleaners shortcut icon is tapped, it will clean out all your un-needed cache files in Google Android, and display a notification at the bottom of the screen which says  “Cache Cleared.” in a gray notification message bubble which will fade away in a few seconds.

There are no settings which you need to change in Fast Cache Cleaner. It also does not have any advertisements like other free system utility apps.

Best of all, it is only 32K in size, so it downloads, and installs fast. It also uses very little space on my storage on my tablet. Fast Cache Cleaner  runs very quickly, and finishes the Cache clean task in a few seconds after it is launched. I also do not need to manually close it when it is done clearing the Google Android Cache.

Fast Cache Cleaner also only has one permission which is “delete all app cache data”.

Fast Cache Cleaner is also very reliable, and never crash when I use it on my Google Android tablet.

Clearing the cache files for apps in Google Android will free up more space on your storage which you use to store files, folders, and install apps. Clearing the cache also can make your Google Android device faster since having a lot of free space prevents your device’s storage from slowing down in my experience.

You can see the size of the cache for Google Android 4.4 by going to Android’s settings, and clicking on Storage where there is a blue graph which shows the size of the cache, or you can go to Settings, and Apps where you can individually click on Apps to see the size of the cache.

Fast Cache Cleaner is great for Google Android devices which are slower, don’t have much free space left, and for quickly clearing the cache in seconds after tapping on the Fast Cache Cleaner Shortcut icon on the homescreen.

It works for Google Android devices which run Google Android 1.6 and up. It works very well in Google Android 4.4.4 when I use it on my 2012 Google Nexus 7 tablet made by Asus.

You can download Fast Cache Cleaner for free at Google Play at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=jp.snowlife01.android.cache_delete

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