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Clean Master for Windows PC -Clean up junk files from PC to increase free space

Clean Master for Windows PC

Clean Master for Windows PC is an easy to use free disk cleanup utility for Windows.Clean Master for Windows is made by the makers of the popular Clean Master for Google Android which cleans up cache, junk files, and boost the speed of mobile devices running Google Android as its operating system. Cleaning out junk files with Clean Master would increase the amount of free space which you have, so you can install more programs, and store more files on your Windows’ drive. Having more free space, could also make Windows faster because Windows needs at least 20% free space to defrag your hard drive to make it faster. Virus, spyware, disk, and other scans will also scan faster because it does not need to scan as many files after you do a disk clean up with Clean Master for PC.

I like the easy to use modern user interface which  because the buttons, and icons are big, and there are subtitles on the icons and buttons to make using Clean Master simpler. The storage drive line graphs at the bottom  of Clean Master are useful for seeing how much free space my computer’s storage drive have.

Clean Master runs pretty fast, and is very stable. The Disk clean up scans, and clean up times are pretty fast because they take only a few seconds most of the time. It has never crashed, or freeze when I use it on my computer.

Clean Master automatically scan Windows, Windows Cache, unneeded log files, Windows Software like Firefox, Google Chrome, and Internet Explorer Web browser, Steam, and other software when you launch it in Windows.

It also scans Windows for junk registry entries which Windows does not need anymore.

After the scan, you can click the Clean Now button to clean every junk file, and un-needed registry entry which Windows does not need anymore. You can also click on the entries which you want Clean Master to ignore during the cleaning process before you click Clean.

In Clean Master’s settings, you can turn on, and off auto-reminder, and auto-start during Windows startup. You can also submit feedback from the settings page.

I got back about 200MB of space running Clean Master for the first time on my Windows 8.1 desktop computer, and Clean Master for Windows did not delete any important files. The scan and clean time was very fast. On Clean Master website it claims to clean an average of 2 or more GBs of junk files in Windows from over 500 popular programs saving all its uses 7,000,000 TB of storage space.

You can download a free copy of Clean Master for Windows PC at http://www.cmcm.com/en-us/clean-master-for-pc/

The download size for the installer is only 5.5 MB, so it should download pretty quickly, and use very little disk space on your hard drive.

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