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Lubuntu 14.10 – Fast Ubuntu Linux based operating computer for desktop laptop computers


Lubuntu 14.10 is a Ubuntu Linux based operating system for Desktop and Laptop computers. It is also free and open source, so using it won’t cost any money. One of the main reason to use Lubuntu 14.10 is that it runs quickly even on very old computers with Single, and Dual core 1 GHz CPUs, 512MB-1GB of RAM, 5GB of storage space on your hard drive, and onboard video or slower video card. I previously used Lubuntu 14.04, and I updated to 14.10 with the Software Updater. I just need to press the upgrade button on Software updater, and occasionally press a few buttons on the updater windows during the update process which took about an hour.

Lubuntu uses the Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment (LXDE) which is lighter than Gnome, Unity, KDE, and other desktop environments for Linux. After logging into Lubuntu 14.10 64bit, Lubuntu only uses about 200MB of RAM, and very little CPU resources according to its Task Manager program. I can use Lubuntu for many hours without it slowing down in my experience. The low system resources usage of Lubuntu should also help save your battery life, or save power because of the lower RAM, and CPU usage of Lubuntu which helps your computer use less power because of lower RAM, and CPU usage. A computer running Lubuntu should also run cooler because its CPU, RAM, hard drive, and video card are not running at its full power, so the computer’s parts will give off less heat.

Lubuntu is also one of the most stable and reliable operating systems which I ever used on my desktop computer. Lubuntu does not freeze, crash, or slow down much when I use it on my desktop computer. I also use it for playing games like SuperTuxKart, and it runs games pretty well. Lubuntu also works pretty smoothly for watching HD movies, web browsing on Firefox, listening to music, and doing other desktop computer tasks. Lubuntu also supports plug-ins like Adobe Flash Player, and Java, so you can watch online flash videos, and play java games online on a website. One of the benefits of Linux Operating Systems like Lubuntu are safer to use because there are fewer viruses, malware, and spyware made for Linux. Plus, you are not logged in as root/administrator all the time, and you need to type in your password to make changes to the operating systems, operating system settings and install programs. Linux security problems are also patched very quickly, and release to the software updater program.

The LXDE user interface for Lubuntu is also very easy to use on a desktop and laptop computer because it has an Applications menu like the Start Menu in Windows. It also has a desktop where you can open multiple programs at once, and resize your program’s windows size. The simple user interface of Lubuntu makes learning how to use it pretty simple even if you never used Linux before. Lubuntu also comes with a Netbook User interface which is designed for netbooks, and smaller laptops, and there is an Openbox user interface for slower computers. You can also install a different desktop environment like gnome, or customize LXDE user interface for your needs.

Keeping Lubuntu updated with the Software Updater is simple. I just need to launch Software Updater from the System Tools submenu in the Applications menu. To install new programs like Libreoffice, you use the Lubuntu Software Center which is found in the System Tools Sub menu as well.

Lubuntu also does not need disk defrags like Windows because the disk is automatically maintained  in Lubuntu, so there is no fragmentation problems with Linux storage drives.

You can also install .deb Debian packages by double clicking .deb files which would launch the installer file to install Debian programs on Lubuntu because Lubuntu is based on Ubuntu which is based on Debian Linux.

Lubuntu is a great operating systems for desktop and laptop computers even slower computers with less RAM, less storage space, and slower CPUs. Using Lubuntu is simple because of its desktop which is designed to be used with keyboard, and mouse. It is compatible with a lot of software titles. Lubuntu is also very stable, and safe to use.

Learn more about Lubuntu 14.10, and download a copy of it at http://lubuntu.net/

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