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DU Battery Saver & Widgets – Increases Battery Life on Google Android Smartphone Tablets

Du Battery Saver

DU Battery Saver & Widgets is an easy to use free battery saver app for Google Android which easily increases the battery life of your Google Android Smartphone and tablet by stopping background apps from running, and optimizing Android settings like brightness, wi-fi, screen time out, sync, data, etc for maximum battery life savings to extend the time before you need to charge your device.  Du Battery Saver stops background apps when you hit the optimize button, and agree to stop them.

By stopping background apps, your phone or tablet will also run faster because they are not using up RAM, and CPU cycles after DU Battery Booster stop them from running. In the paid/pro version of Battery Saver there is also a auto clear background apps, and clear apps when screen is locked to help save battery life, and also free up RAM and CPU resources for better performance by stopping background apps from running. You can also set Du Battery Saver to not stop certain apps like chat apps in the settings menu.

Du Battery Saver claims to increase your battery life time by up to 50% for the free version, and 70% for the paid pro version which you can get from installing free apps which reward Du coins from the Toolbox tab.

By charging your mobile less, you will also save some money on electricity over time, and also your battery won’t wear out as quickly as charging it multiple times a day.

I like the line graph which shows me how fast my battery is draining, and charging, and the design of the different skins for the battery widget looks nice. The modern design of DU Battery Saver also looks very nice. The battery widgets for Battery Saver also look very nice, and there are home screen widgets to make it simple to adjust Google Android’s settings like screen brightness, wifi, sound, sync, bluetooth, location awareness, etc for maximum battery savings. You can also tap the optimize on a widget to stop background tasks from your homescreen.

It is pretty easy to use, I just need to press the optimize button on Battery Saver, and it gives me suggestions like stopping background apps, changing the screen timeout settings, wi-fi, sync, location access, gps, changing the brightness, etc to increase battery life.

There are also different modes like Long, Sleep, Regular, and My Mode in the Saver tab. The different modes make it easy to turn off, and turn on features like wi-fi, Bluetooth, data, screen time out, screen brightness, etc on your phone or tablet to save battery life based on your needs.

The Smart tab has paid features found in the Pro version like autoclear background apps, turn off wi-fi when screen is locked, scheduled mode, lower CPU frequency when screen is locked, screen saver, etc which will make your battery last longer. You can install free apps which give you DU points from the Toolbox tab to earn DU coins to unlock the paid features instead of paying for the paid version. Although, it may take you awhile to earn enough DU coins to unlock all the paid features.If you don’t want to pay for the pro version, it is possible to unlock all the paid features without paying since I manage to install a few free apps from the Toolbox section, and I earned enough DU coins after a few weeks from free apps to unlock all the paid features of DU Battery Saver for free.

To take advantage of some of the features like CPU underclocking when screen is locked/off, your Google Android device needs to be rooted.

There is a charge feature in Battery Saver to show you what stage, and percentage of the charge is remaining when you charge your phone’s or tablets battery. It also tells you how much more time it will take you to finish your charge.

There are also notifications which tell you when you are low on battery life, and need to optimize your device for the best power settings. The notification icon also tells you the temperature and percentage of remaining charge, and how long you need to wait to finish charging your phone or how much time you have left if you are not charging your device.

The monitor tab tells me how much power each app uses from my battery, and I can also use the monitor to stop apps which are running in the background.

There is also a monitor for telling you the temperature of your batter, and what type of battery is in your phone or tablet. Du Battery Saver also logs your charges to show how many healty charges which your mobile device did, and regular charges. It also teaches you how to do healthy charges, so your phones battery will last many years longer before it breaks, and can’t hold much power anymore.

You can download DU Battery Saver from Google Play at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.dianxinos.dxbs

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