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SPlayer Video Player 3.7 – Fast video player for older Windows computers

SPlayer video player

SPlayer 3.7 is a free, fast, lightweight, and easy to use video player program for Windows. It works well at opening 1080P HD MP4 and MKV video files in Windows 8.1 in my experience. It can also play all video formats which I use like MP4, MKV, AVI, etc. There is also a full screen mode which plays files in full screen mode. SPlayer also supports many different types of video files. It can even play audio files, DVDs, and Music CDs. The video playback is very smooth with no slow down problems or stuttering, and the sound quality is good when playing back video or music.

Splayer also does not use much RAM, or CPU resources, so I could even use it on older Windows XP computers without much slowdown. It starts up pretty quickly when I open it by clicking the Splayer shortcut on my desktop, or clicking on a video file on my computer. There is even a high performance mode in Splayer for older and slower computers. The low computer resource usage of Splayer should help you save a little bit of battery life, or electricity while watching video or listening to music, and multi-tasking should be faster as well.

SPlayer is also very stable, and never crashes when I use it to play video on my computer.

The video player is very easy to use because there is an open video button on the center of the video player, so you can quickly open video files in Windows. There is also play, stop, pause, volume, next, back, playlist, and sub titles button like other video players. It is also easy to make the video play in Full Screen mode, and taking screen shots of videos because the buttons are on the top of SPlayer. The user interface is also very simplistic, and clean, so it does not distract you from watching video.

It also only uses about 6.1MB of storage space on my computer’s storage drive. There is also a portable version which woul fit on most USB flash drives and hard drives, so you can use SPlayer installed on a USB drive on other Windows computer without SPlayer installed on it.

You can download SPlayer from http://www.splayer.org/index.en.html

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