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Maxthon Cloud Browser – Fast web browser for computers, smartphones, and tablets

maxthon cloud web browser

I have been using Maxthon Cloud web browser on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Google Android, and Maxthon is a fast, and reliable web browser.  Maxthon is one of the best alternative web browsers I used because it is fast, has a lot of features, simple, and reliable.

Maxthon runs fast even on my slower Windows 8.1 computer with 1GB of RAM, and a Dual-Core 1.8 GHz CPU. Switching tabs, scrolling up and down pages, and watching videos online is also very fast. It is also fully compatible with Windows 8.1 in my experience, and I have not ran into any compatibility problems when using Maxthon in Windows 8.1, and it displays most websites like YouTube, and Twitter correctly.

Maxthon starts up fast after double clicking on the shortcut with my mouse in Windows. It also rarely freezes, or crashes in my experience. There is also less slow down after opening in Maxthon in Windows like other browsers I use on Windows, so I can start using it after opening it.

Maxthon is pretty easy to use like other web browsers. It has tabs,  cloud tabs which send your tabs to Maxthon installed on your phone and other devices, private browsing, speed dial/homepage new tabs favorites, new tabs search engine box, search box, favorites, autofill, cloud sync, page language translation, and many other features found on other web browsers. It also let you easily save online videos with a toolbar on some websites which are compatible with Maxthon video downloader for saving of videos from the video players. You can also use Maxthon to detach videos from a website, so you can view it in a small pop-up video to save space. Maxthon download manager is pretty fast.

The Mouse gestures and shortcut keyboard keys in Maxthon are useful in Maxthon for quickly going back and forward a web page, and refreshing  a page.

There are also a lot of other interesting, and useful features for Maxthon like Sidebar apps, game apps,  extensions, and Reading mode which makes reading websites easier by converting the website to text and image only, and hiding un-needed things like sharing buttons, and sidebars.

You can also switch browser modes from Retro to Ultra. Retro makes web sites designed for older versions of Internet Explorer look better in Maxthon while Ultra makes websites is faster, and smoother in my experience.

Maxthon has a clean and modern design which is pretty simple to use in Windows.

You can also very easily turn off the sidebar, extensions, apps,status bar, and other bars and buttons in the Maxthon View Settings if you want a cleaner, and smaller look to Maxthon. Turning off bars, extensions, apps, and buttons in Maxthon may also make Maxthon slightly faster because less tasks are running on Maxthon, so Maxthon will use less RAM, and CPU resources.

I like that Maxthon is also available for Linux since there are not a lot of alternative web browsers available for Linux. It runs pretty fast and rarely crashes on Ubuntu Linux and Lubuntu in my experience. It uses the Chrome web store for installing add-ons and extension. It also has online syncing support to sync your settings, autofills, and bookmarks from your Maxthon account . Maxthon for Linux user interface is similar to Chromium’s user interface like Google Chrome, so it should be pretty easy to learn how to use for beginners.

Maxthon is also available for smartphones and tablets running Google Android, Apple iOS,  and Windows Phone. I use Maxthon in Google Android 4.4 Kitkat on my Google Nexus 7 2012, and it works pretty fast and stable. Using Maxthon to visit YouTube, blogs, and forums works pretty well in Android. It’s user interface is simple to use like its desktop web browser, but Maxthon for Android is optimized for touchscreens. I like that Maxthon has Reader mode, night mode, and Maxthon Sync like its desktop web browsers.

I like the home page bookmarks which make visiting bookmarks faster from my homepage.

Maxthon for Android also has a few apps like Task Killer, Finger Gestures, File manager, RSS Reader, screen capture, etc which make Maxthon and Google Android more enjoyable to use.

There is also web apps which you can add to Maxthon. The Web apps are links to sites like tech blogs, news blogs, social networks, and search engines which you can visit in Maxthon.

Maxthon is a great alternative web browser for desktops, smartphones, and tablets.

You can learn more about Maxthon Cloud Browser at http://www.maxthon.com/

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