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Toolwiz Cleaner Makes Cleaning up Speeding up Google Android smartphones and tablets faster

Toolwiz Cleaner for Google Android

ToolWiz Cleaner is a free easy to use system utility app which would clean up junk files like cache files, SMS, junk files, browsing history, calling records, SD card files, unused files, empty files+folders, privacy history, app logs, app packages/APK files, big files (be careful when using big files since it also scans your app folders and personal files which contain useful data), etc, so I have more free space on your smartphone or tablet which runs on the Google Android mobile operating system. In my experience, I save many MBs to hundreds of MBs of space when I use ToolWiz Cleaner to clean my tablet. My tablet also feels faster, and runs more reliably after I boost the memory.

Toolwiz Cleaner also protects your privacy by removing privacy history, call records, sms logs, web browsing and Google Search history and junk files which contain private data.  The Privacy section also shows me which apps can read my private information because of App permissions.

I like the easy to use user interface which makes it easy to Boost memory, clean junk files, protect my privacy, and manage my Apps with a few taps of the screen. The buttons are also big enough that I can quickly tap them on my touchscreen with my finger. The flat Black, White, Gray,  and Blue user interface also look very modern, and clean. The junk and memory boost scan and clean times also take only a few seconds to fully complete.

Toolwiz Cleaner also starts up pretty quickly. It only takes a second or two to fully load the entire app on my tablet.

ToolWiz Cleaner also has a Memory Booster which is a task killer which stops/kills background tasks from running in the background, so your phone or tablet is faster when you use it for gaming, browsing the web, and other mobile tasks. You can also set Toolwiz to ignore certain apps with the whitelist like Google Play,  Facebook, Gmail, etc, so they won’t be stopped when you Boost your memory. You can find the whitelist program on the top right of the memory booster program.

All you need to do is hit the Check and clean button in ToolWiz Cleaner, and Toolwiz will clean your junk files, and boost your memory for faster performance, and more space.

There is also an App manager in ToolWiz Cleaner which let you uninstall apps which you installed on your phone or tablet, and also move Apps to a SD card if your Phone or tablet supports Apps to SD Card. You can also backup apps with ToolWiz Cleaner in the App Manager section.

The startup badge Floating Widget is useful for boosting your phone’s memory by just tapping on the homescreen widget, and clicking clean.  Dragging the badge to the cleaner broom at the center bottom of your screen. The broom transforms into a rocket, and make a boosting sound while boosting your RAM. You can also tap the widget badge, and shake/wave your phone left and right quickly to boost your ram. Make sure to hold your phone or tablet tightly, so it does not slip out of your hand, and drop to the floor.

It is also possible to set Toolwiz to boost your RAM when your screen is off.

Toowiz Cleaner is a fast, easy to use, reliable, and free System Utility apps which has a junk cleaner, memory booster, privacy app, and App manager to make your mobile smartphone and tablet running Google Android 2.3-4.4+ run faster, more reliably, and privately.

You can download Toolwiz Cleaner for free at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.toolwiz.clean for Google Android 2.3-4.4+. It is only 4.3MB in size.

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