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Immunet 3 Antivirus Free – Fast, Simple Antivirus for protecting Windows from Virus programs

Immunet 3 Free Antivirus

Immunet 3 Antivirus is a fast, and easy to use Antivirus for Windows computers. It uses an online virus database to protect your computer from computer viruses, spyware, malware, and other computer threats in real-time. Immunet 3 is a good free antivirus for slower Windows computers with slower CPU/Processors, less RAM like 256MB-1024MB of RAM, and a small hard drive like 20GB drives. It is also a good antivirus for gamers who want more free RAM, and CPU resources for playing intensive games which need a lot of free RAM, and CPU power to run quickly without slow down problems. Immunet 3 is also good for anyone who enjoys having a fast computer which is not slowed down by a heavy antivirus program.

I have been using Immunet 3 for a month, and it has been working very well. It runs quickly even on my slower computer with a dual-core 1.86ghz Intel Core2Dou CPU, 1GB of RAM, and 320GB hard drive with Windows 8.1 installed on it. Immunet does not slow down my startup times, and runs quickly on my older computer. There also no annoying notifications like other antivirus which shows pop-up messages when the virus definition is updated, and when it finish other tasks. I also like the Blue modern design of Immunet 3’s user interface.

What I like most about Immunet 3 Antivirus is that it is fast, and does not slow down my computer when I am browsing the web, gaming, typing articles, watching video, and doing other things on my PC. Immunet 3 only uses about 40-50MB of RAM, and 0% CPU when it is running in the background protecting my PC from millions of dangerous security threats like viruses, spyware, bots, worms, trojans, and keyloggers which want to infect my PC according to the Immunet CPU, and Memory bar graph on the right of the program . When I run a flash or full scan, I can still do other tasks like browsing the web, listening to music without much noticeable slow down from the virus scan. Immunet also only needs 10MB of hard drive space for installing it in Windows.

Immunet 3 with its low RAM, and CPU usage is a great free antivirus for Windows XP and Vista computers which are usually slower than Windows 7-8/8.1 because XP and Vista PC usually have less RAM, and a single core CPU which is slower than 1.8 GHz.

According to Immunet, Immunet 3 has almost 3.5 million users, and protects them from almost 74 million Windows related security threats.

Immunet 3 is also very easy to use because I don’t need to update any virus definitions because the virus definitions for Immunet is hosted on their website. It is also easy to manually start a full scan, flash scan, and custom virus scan in Immunet from its scanning section.  The Flash Scan also only takes a minute or less to complete, and the full scan seems a lot faster than other Antivirus programs which may take hours or the whole day to complete. You can also run Immunet along side your regular antivirus program like Microsoft Security Essentials, or Windows Defender to make your computer even more secure. In the Immunet settings, you can enable the ClamAV database for offline protection for when you are not connected to the internet. ClamAV is one of the most popular free open source antivirus definitions used on computers, and e-mails servers around the world. Enabling ClanAV may make your computer slower, but you have more protection when offline. You can also enable blocking mode for more protection when using your computer. It is also possible to exclude certain folders on your computer from being scanned to prevent files like homework, document, and pictures from being quarantined because of a virus false positive.

The settings is also were you enter in your product key if you want to upgrade to the paid version of Immunet 3, so you have better offline protection, better virus removal, protection for e-mail, usb drives, files and archive, more security features, and tech support for 24.95 dollars per year. The paid version also rootkits, spyware, adware, Windows Operating System exploits, cookies, and scripts.

The Summary, quarantine and History section in Immunet is pretty easy to use for seeing what files Immunet scanned, and if there are any virus programs which Immunet removed and quarantined from your computer. In the quarantined section, you can restore programs, and files which Immunet falsely identified as a virus.

There is also a Gaming Mode to turn off notifications while you game, and you can hide the System Tray icon to free up some RAM, so you have more free RAM to use to play games.

Immunet 3 Free also comes with toll free technical support.

Immunet 3 is one of the fastest, and easy to use antivirus programs for Windows. Immunet won’t slow down your computer while you protecting your computer from malware, virus, and spyware programs.

You can download Immunet 3 Antivirus for Windows Free at http://www.immunet.com/free/features/index.html

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